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Churchill Wild Guide Terry Elliot. Chris Murphy photo.

Churchill Wild Guide Terry Elliot. Chris Murphy photo.

by Terry Elliott

Terry's talkative friend. Arctic hare.

My talkative friend.

Going into my ninth week (55 days and counting!) of caretaking at Seal River Heritage Lodge (visit on Google Maps) and the only talking I do is with the Arctic hare that hangs out in the yard!

There have been a lot of bears, especially moms and cubs. The ice on Hudson Bay stayed very late this year (late August!), so that is where all the big males were hanging out.

I was left with a long “todo” list that I have nearly finished. New vanity cabinets for the guest bathrooms, new paint, new shelving units in the shop and a raised bed for growing fresh greens next summer. I also learned how to operate an excavator, a bulldozer and a dump truck while working on the runway extension.

The geese are moving south, the colours are changing and although I’m looking forward to going home in two weeks, I can’t think of a better place to have spent my summer.

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Terry’s Summer at Seal River Photo Gallery

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