Wildlife and Wilderness in the Boreal Forest

The location of Dymond Lake Lodge, nestled near the treeline of the Boreal Forest, gives it a true wilderness feel. Being close to both the coast and the forest means the variety of wildlife is unparalleled. Polar bears, moose, fox, pine marten, snowy owls, and even the elusive wolverine are known visitors of this unique destination.

Our fenced-in compound keeps you safe as you move about and allows you to get within mere feet of the wildlife that stop by to check things out. It’s also great when you want to lie on the tundra, watching the northern lights dance across the sky!

In the evenings, gather in the main building for a presentation by one of fellowship or enjoy some quiet time in the small common areas located in each guest cabin.

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Location Specifics

58° 49’ 19.72” N / 94° 32’ 40.92” W


  • Walking safaris to view polar bears, Arctic hare, Arctic fox, moose, and more
  • Northern lights viewing
  • Informative presentations about our wildlife, wilderness, and history
  • Tundra-inspired meals prepared by on-site chefs
  • Ecolodge accommodations with all the comforts of home – Learn more


  • Two cabins each with four guestrooms (double and quad rooms) and ensuite washrooms
  • Cozy common areas with fireplace
  • Fenced compound surrounding the lodge buildings
  • Viewing tower and decks
  • Library
  • Gift shop
  • Full-service meals
  • 24h electricity via solar power, natural gas, and wood heat
  • Radio/Telephone
  • Satellite wi-fi

Map + Location

Located a short 30 km and 15 minute flight north of Churchill on a strip of land bordered by Dymond Lake and Hudson Bay, Dymond Lake Ecolodge has eight double occupancy rooms and groups are limited to 16 guests.

Access: By air only. Float plane, wheelplane or helicopter.

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