Wildlife of Hudson Bay

The Hudson Bay Lowlands are part of a rich ecosystem, teeming with wildlife and our lodges are in the heart of this region.

This area, where the boreal forest transitions to the Arctic tundra, is home to a wildlife corridor spectacular for viewing polar bears, black bears, moose, wolves, Arctic and coloured fox, Arctic hare, as well as a spectacular array of birdlife. In the summer, belugas congregate in the thousands in the shallow waters near our Seal River Heritage Lodge and guests are able to view this phenomenon during our marine tours. Occasionally, we spot seals (harbour, bearded, ringed) on these tours, or on the tidal flats.

Though rare to see, this habitat is also home to barren ground caribou, wolverine, and grizzly bears.

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Arctic Fox

Arctic Hare

Arctic Tern

Beluga Whale

Black Bear


Polar Bear


Red Fox

Sik Sik

Snowy Owl