What We're All About

Churchill Wild is creating friendships, changing lives, touching the Arctic.

In sharing our home, our history, and our heritages, we provide that elusive, unique travel experience that refreshes the soul and awakens the explorer’s heart while building life changing memories.

Our Vision

We strive to be the most unique polar bear and Arctic wildlife adventure experience on the planet. We build world class ecolodges in remote regions of the Arctic while practicing the highest standards of cutting-edge sustainability practices. We seek to raise awareness of the far North’s unique challenges through opportunities to ethically experience the fragile flora and fauna of our Arctic home. We seek to have our guests return home to friends and family with a newfound wealth of Arctic knowledge and a vision of how we can all participate in enjoying, with minimal impact, our world’s most unique destinations.

Who Are We?

We are a team of dreamers and doers, explorers, adventurers, planners and free spirits. We find inspiration in nature and in each other, and find joy in introducing people to the beauty and serenity found in northern Manitoba among the polar bears.

The Churchill Wild story goes back more than 25 years, though our founders have ties to the north going back for nearly a century. We feel most at home when we’re exploring the rugged Hudson Bay coastline, walking with polar bears, turning our faces towards the warm Arctic sun, and breathing in some of the purest air on the planet.