Life-changing adventure at the edge of the Arctic.

Our vision has always been to provide guests with life-changing wildlife encounters and wilderness adventures, and for them to leave feeling a deep connection to our northern ecosystems.

How do we carry out this vision? We design our safaris to be rich in experiential luxury. We offer ground-level safaris to walk with polar bears and other Arctic wildlife, we serve unique, tundra-inspired cuisine, we demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by minimizing our environmental footprint, and we offer exceptional, personalized service.


The stars of our safaris—the polar bears—are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the array of wildlife we see. Black bears, wolves, colored and Arctic fox, Arctic hare, moose, beluga whales…the list goes on.

Culinary Delights

Each chef-prepared meal incorporates local ingredients and recipes from the best-selling Blueberries and Polar Bears cookbook series, penned by the matriarch of the Churchill Wild family. Dishes are paired with hand-selected Canadian wines and topped off with a mouth-watering dessert.


When it comes to operations, sustainability has always been at the forefront. From our grey-water recycling system to our reliance on solar energy, we strive to ensure that we leave as minimal a footprint as possible.

Remote, Exclusive, Unforgettable.

Guests leave forever changed after approaching a polar bear on foot and feeling their hearts beat increasingly faster as he stands up to full height. Or while watching the northern lights dance across the sky as wolves howl in the distance. There’s also nothing quite like touring Hudson Bay by zodiac and coming upon a pod of beluga whales teaching a young calf to swim.