Statement of Stewardship

At Churchill Wild, we have developed a minimalist approach to luxury eco-lodging on the coast of Hudson Bay.

Beyond the environmental we go out of our way to source local in as many ways as possible. Even while eating at the lodge; many of the award-winning recipes are at least in part sourced outside the very windows that separate you from the iconic wildlife that call this ecosystem home.

Over the years, we have implemented the following systems and procedures at our Lodges to minimize our footprint…

Water Systems

We triple filter water from nearby lakes and rivers for consumption and have grey-water recycling systems to reduce wastage.

Lodge construction and operation

We use local lumber and recycled materials in the construction of our lodges whenever possible. Our properties have been designed to allow for as much natural light as possible, reducing the need for artificial light. The electricity we do use comes primarily from solar power; we’ve been able to nearly eliminate our reliance on fossil fuels. Additionally, we’ve installed energy-saving lights and appliances.

Waste Management

Strict recycling and composting policies are in place at all our properties. Any waste that cannot be recycled or composted is taken back to town and disposed of properly. Only biodegradable cleaning products and in-room toiletries are used.

Excursions and travel

Most of our excursions are conducted on foot to minimize our use of motorized vehicles. The all-terrain vehicles and boats that we do use are outfitted with fuel-efficient motors.

When flying guests and supplies into and out of the lodge, we plan flights so that planes never fly empty to reduce the amount of flying needed.

A fresh culinary experience

We have our own orchard and gardens in southern Manitoba, Prairie Wild, that supplies us with produce during our season. Based on regenerative farming principles, this initiative is operated with a holistic approach to planting, growing, and soil care.

We also use locally foraged and harvested foods, such as tundra berries, greens, and mussels, whenever possible.

At our head office

Our head office in Ile des Chenes, MB is housed in a LEED-certified building connected to a geothermal district heating system that also services the town’s community center, daycare, arena, fire hall, and ambulance garage.

This renewable energy system has replaced two gas furnaces and resulted in significant savings for the community.