See exactly what polar bear tours are like with Churchill Wild with The Planet D. Experience the thrill of walking with polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba!

Christoph and Fabienne Jansen of talk to National Geographic photojournalist and Churchill Wild Director of Wolf Programs Jad Davenport about their experiences with polar bears, wolves, other wildlife, and the ecolodges at Churchill Wild.

Welcome to the edge of the Arctic – a remote region where polar bears march towards the coastline, wolves play in the barren tundra, and moose drift through frozen forest. Here you’ll experience a seven-day adventure like no other.

Polar Bear Photo Shoot Safari 1:34

Churchill Wild’s Polar Bear Photo Safari is considered a “must-do” photography adventure for both professional and aspiring wildlife photographers.

Hudson Bay Odyssey 1:36

Take a walk on the wild side, deep in the heart of polar bear country. The Hudson Bay Odyssey takes place at our remote Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge.

Great Ice Bear 1:24

The Great Ice Bear Adventure takes place at Dymond Lake Ecolodge during prime polar bear season in October and November, when polar bears congregate in large numbers on the coast of Hudson Bay.

Birds, Bears & Belugas  1:43

Birds, Bears and Belugas takes place at Seal River Heritage Lodge, and combines the thrill of beluga whale watching in July and August with the adventure of Churchill Wild’s signature “on the ground” polar bear walking safaris.

The World’s Next Great Safari 1:52

Join the World’s Next Great Safari™ and take a walk on the wild side deep in the heart of polar bear country!

Seal River Lodge Experience 2:40

What’s it really like to walk with polar bears and swim with beluga whales along the Hudson Bay coast in Manitoba, Canada.

National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World 1:18

Imagine a place, where time stands still. Where you feel completely, and utterly present.

Sustainability 2:31

At Churchill Wild, we have developed a minimalist approach to luxury eco-lodging on the coast of Hudson Bay.

Our Story 6:34

Churchill Wild designed a way to walk eye-level with polar bears, and the outfit remains the only in the world that offers this experience.

Growing up with Polar Bears 3:10

Karli and Allison Reimer, daughters of Churchill Wild founders Mike and Jeanne Reimer, talk about growing up with polar bears at Churchill Wild’s remote polar bear lodges lodges on the coast of Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Little House on the Tundra 3:14

At first there was nothing but a vast stretch of land and an abandoned whale research center. Flying over the Hudson Bay and scouting for the perfect piece of tundra, co-founder Mike Reimer had a vision of intimacy with the surrounding wilderness and a quest for daily adventure.

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge 5:44

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, owned by Churchill Wild, is surrounded by a 10′-high page wire fence, evoking the feeling that we, the humans, are in the zoo, especially when the animals rear haunches and place paws on the linkage.

The Polar Bear Whisperer 5:27

Some call Andy MacPherson, “The Polar Bear Whisperer.” He doesn’t disavow the title, but admits he can’t really Dolittle with the bears; rather he has come up with techniques to “keep them off balance.”

The Next Great Safari 4:58

Here you can walk in the wild among the polar bears. Based on Cape Tatnum, Hudson Bay, Manitoba, 57 degrees North Latitude.

Please note that some of the activities mentioned in these videos are no longer permitted due to changes in the regulations. For example, we respect and follow the current rules that prohibit swimming with beluga whales or serving wild game. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause. Thank you for your understanding and support!