Where the Polar Bears Roam

We operate three luxury wilderness ecolodges located deep in the heart of polar bear country on the Hudson Bay coast in northern Manitoba, Canada. Directly in the path of the polar bears as they walk up and down the coastline during the summer and fall, our properties are ideal for viewing polar bears and other iconic Canadian wildlife.

Wildly remote and wildly unique – which one calls to you?

The Heart of Polar Bear Territory

Seal River Heritage Lodge

Seal River Heritage Lodge, one of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, is located 60 km north of Churchill near the Seal River estuary where thousands of beluga whales congregate every summer to feed and calve. Other wildlife viewing highlights include polar bears, Arctic fox and hare, sik-siks (Arctic squirrels!)

Home of the Polar Bear

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, another National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World. is situated 250 km southeast of Churchill near the historic York Factory, and is the only place in the world where polar bear and wolves cohabitate. Nestled against the Boreal Forest, black bears and moose are also frequent visitors of the lodge.

A True Wilderness Oasis

Dymond Lake Ecolodge

Dymond Lake Ecolodge, a true wilderness oasis, is 30 km north of Churchill, bordered by Dymond Lake and Hudson Bay. Here you’ll see polar bears, moose, snowy owls, northern lights, and maybe even the elusive wolverine.