Terry Elliott, Guide

Terry Elliott takes people walking with polar bears daily as one of our lead guides.

Terry’s favourite experiences are on the Barren Lands during our Arctic Safari. “Part of it is knowing how remote you are, how vulnerable you are. It takes a few days of isolation but then you get in tune with the place and it’s a very primitive, very primordial feeling. You’re in a place where you can hear your heart beating. It touches you very deeply.”

Terry works almost nonstop for five months. He wakes up early to check for wildlife and helps develop the day’s itinerary. He leads excursions morning and afternoon, and frequently gives evening presentations. Then, he periodically wakes up during the night to rouse guests if the aurora is dancing.
He credits his parents for his love of the outdoors. His dad took him camping and fishing and his mom encouraged him to learn about the things he loves. This is probably why he’s got what he calls a “self-taught master’s degree in Life in the Arctic.”

As a naturalist, Terry is well versed on the geography, geology, plants, birds and wildlife of northern Manitoba. There’s not a plant at Seal River Heritage Lodge that Terry can’t identify; he’s even found two species that were undocumented for the area.

He has an extreme profession, but he spends the off-season honing his golf game and gardening at his Vancouver Island home—the home that he built. There, he recharges his batteries alongside his wife Kirsten of 14 years and their two dogs.