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Lone wolf at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge.
by Nolan Booth, Director of Lodge Operations. Photos courtesy of Rohit Dsouza.
This morning started off just like any other at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. The sun came up, the air was thick with salt and we sat in the lounge with hot coffee wondering what today would bring.

About 6:30 a.m. I noticed movement down the runway east of the Lodge and quickly realized we had two beautiful tawny-coloured wolves inspecting our grounds. We quickly and quietly woke all the guests and soon enough we had the decks covered with tripods and clicking shutters.
Early morning wolf yawns at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge.
The wolves stuck around for a short bit but then decided that moving off the runway and down to the flats of the bay was a better place for some playtime and a nap.

By the time we made it through breakfast we had formulated a plan to try one of our polar bear stalks on the playful couple. They were laying in the grass about one km away from the Lodge but still visible from the main lounge windows. We made it clear to the guests that wolves are elusive and that they might just decide we don’t get to visit any closer.
Wolves being wolves at Nauk Polar Bear Lodge.
To our amazement these two canines had different plans and the guests were privy to a once in a lifetime show of these beautiful creatures playing and just being…


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