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An image captured at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge by Churchill Wild Photo Leader and Canon Explorer of Light Charles Glatzer of now graces the cover of a major text book! The image was shot by Glatzer in August and now appears on the cover of Essentials of the Living World, 5th Edition, by George B. Johnson.

Glatzer tells the story behind the photo.

“Upon spotting the bear we made a slow approach by vehicle,” he said. “Stopping about 100 yards away, we got in position on the ground and waited to see if curiosity would get the best of him.

“As most bears do, this one made its way downwind to get our scent, thereafter, making a slow meandering approach. The bear stopped about 100 feet away, sat down and watched us for quite a while before attempting to come closer. Eventually, it came to within 50 feet.

“Andy MacPherson (our most knowledgeable and humble guide) kicked a bit of dirt and threw a rock in front of it as a gentle deterrent, after which the bear turned and slowly sauntered away. At no time did I feel threatened. The guides at Churchill Wild are among the best on the planet, each having spent years studying bear behavior in the wild before guiding lodge guests.

“I was contacted by McGraw-Hill after they saw my polar bear images on-line. They eventually choose this image out of hundreds taken by numerous photographers.”

Glatzer will be back with full groups at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge later this month and again at Seal River Heritage Lodge in November. He’ll also be leading an Exclusive Polar Bear/Arctic Instructional Photo Safari for advanced wildlife photographers at Churchill Wild from November 6 to November 12, 2017. We’re sure there will be more great shots to come, but it is certainly quite an honour to have one of our Nanuk polar bears on the cover of a text book!

For the photo buffs Glatzer gave us the following technical information on the above photo:

Canon EOS-1DX, EF 100-400 II @ 275mm
1/800 @ f/10, ISO 800

Thank you Charles!

For more information on Charles Glatzer:

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Canon Explorer of Light
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  • Christa Niederreither says:

    I think that this picture has been shot during a trip in late August 2016, as I have the same!
    as a matter of fact, we were a group of about 16…

    However with less “work” done to it… 🙂 🙂

  • Kelly Neuman says:

    Amazing image captured.

  • Megha (BMS student) says:

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