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Happy Baby pose. Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Jad Davenport photo.

Happy Baby pose. Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Jad Davenport photo.

by Allison Francoeur

Polar bears love to imitate yogis.

From child’s pose to cobra pose, they show off their restorative stretching and strengthening skills after the long months spent out on the sea ice hunting.

We’ve been so inspired by their movements that we’ve created an all new safari that we’re calling Wildlife & Wellness. This safari allows you to connect with nature in the far reaches of the Arctic, alongside polar bears, wolves, black bears and more. With a chance of seeing the aurora borealis dancing at night, this retreat offers yoga, massage, Pilates and our signature hikes with polar bears.

We strive to show the world how to walk safely alongside these large carnivores, allowing their calming spirits to connect with our own at ground level. Wildlife & Wellness dives into that commitment even further, combining the magic of the boreal forest with the cleansing saltwater winds of Hudson Bay.

This groundbreaking and exclusive adventure sees nature set the stage for five days of mindfulness and mind-blowing wildlife encounters — and maybe a few giggles — if you see a polar bear attempting downward dog.

Downward dog. Ian Johnson photo.

Downward dog. Ian Johnson photo.

Wholesome and healthy meals are key to wellness, and we’ll provide you with healthy and nutritious options to keep you fueled for your tundra excursions and workouts back at the lodge. Our chefs incorporate local ingredients such as greens and berries into their creations, bringing the tastes of the tundra to your plate.

Between yoga sessions, our polar bears love to park themselves in berry patches and get their share of antioxidants too, but don’t worry, there are enough berries for everyone to enjoy.

Before a relaxing, pre-bedtime yin yoga sequence, step outside and be among the few to discover the healing effects of watching the sun set over the fiery hues of the autumn tundra. Leave your worries in the wilderness and enjoy the ultimate rendezvous with nature.

At Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge.

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