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The Year of the Polar Bear at Seal River

Triple threat cuddle alert!
Triple threat cuddle alert!

by Mike Reimer with photos by Ian Johnson

The polar bear overload continues unabated at Seal River as Birds, Bears and Belugas enters its fourth week.

Record breaking numbers of healthy gorgeous polar bears came ashore two weeks ago after an obvious breakup of winter ice just offshore from Seal River Heritage Lodge . They’ve been wowing guests and staff alike ever since.

Polar bear cubs relaxing with Mom at Seal River.
Polar bear cubs relaxing with Mom at Seal River.

There have never been less than six bears in sight of the Lodge and many more have been encountered while out on expeditions. Our best day up until the end of July featured 21 bear sightings, with an overall tour count of 41 different polar bears and some 60 encounters on a departure! Amazing!

The lazy days of summer at Seal River Heritage Lodge.
The lazy days of summer at Seal River Heritage Lodge.

One of the many very exciting bear encounters was with the very rare “black footed booby bear” below. She was affectionately named “Bindi Black Paws” by the guests, who became very attached to her. It is very unusual to see a polar bear with such rare distinct markings, but Seal River never fails to astound and reward us with these unique wildlife sightings.

"Bindi Black Paws" was affectionately named by our guests.
“Bindi Black Paws” was affectionately named by our guests.

Mothers and cubs are always a real highlight and a high number of sows with coys (cubs of the year) have paraded past the Lodge this season. The beautiful male below is also in superb health and seems to have “adopted” us, feeling quite comfortable spending his days lounging within easy walking distance of the Lodge, much to the delight of our guests!

Thanks to Ian Johnson Safaris for once again supplying these fabulous polar bear photos!

Gorgeous. Healthy. Mom.
Magnificent. Powerful. Hunter.


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