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Places hold magic. Our lodges are no different, but it’s more than simply the lodge itself. It’s the blue shadows on the drifts as a wolf steals past Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. It’s frozen bubbles beneath the lake at Dymond Lake Lodge or the rocky braided river that glistens at Seal River Heritage Lodge.

Map of Churchill Wild Lodges

Locations of the Churchill Wild Lodges

Each of our three lodges is set in distinctive surroundings that evoke a different magic.

  • Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge
  • Seal River Heritage Lodge
  • Dymond Lake Ecolodge

What Do the Lodges Have in Common?

Besides tundra-inspired cuisine and satellite wi-fi, all lodges have eight rustically luxurious guestrooms with ensuite washrooms, fireplace anchored sitting areas, an enclosed compound for safety and northern lights viewing, and expansive picture windows to see and feel the stunning remoteness even while inside.

Where are the Lodges?

All three are only accessible by floatplane, wheel-plane or helicopter. There are no roads in. Dymond Lake Ecolodge is 30 kilometres by plane west of Churchill, and Seal River is 60 kilometres by plane west of Churchill, 58 and 59 degrees North respectively. We fly over Dymond Lake Ecolodge on flights to Seal River Heritage Lodge. Nanuk is the furthest south, at 57 degrees North, and is 250 kilometres southeast of Churchill, making Nanuk easily our most remote lodge.

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

Main Experiences: Polar Bear Viewing, Cloud Wolves, Polar Bear Cubs, Fishing


57° 07’ 22.4” N / 91° 39’ 52.0” W

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge lounge_photo by Scott Zielke

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge lounge_photo by Scott Zielke

Nanuk, our most remote wilderness lodge, is 250 kms southeast of Churchill along the Kaska Coast. A flight here reveals the massive Nelson and Hayes rivers emptying into the pristine Arctic waters of the Hudson Bay. It alone stands in an area rich with willow bushes, high grasses and low tundra flats with the Hudson Bay a few kilometres north, and the boreal forest in our backyard.

Here, we see wolves, polar bears, black bears, and moose. We see cubs emerge from dens as the lodge is southeast of Wapusk National Park, bigger than Yellowstone, and one of the largest polar bear denning areas on the planet.

We head out to coastline eskers on low-impact ATVs then safely approach polar bears on foot. We’ve admired polar bears fresh off an ice pan, well-fed bellies inches from the tidal flat grasses they graze on while off the ice.

Seal River Heritage Lodge

Main Experiences: Walking Safaris, Beluga Whales


59° 09’ 09.87” N / 94° 46’ 54.87 “ W


SRHL summer aerial_photo by Michael Poliza

Seal River Heritage Lodge photo by Michael Poliza

Seal River Heritage Lodge perches on a rocky point along the rugged Hudson Bay coastline near the Seal River Estuary. Polar bears wander this coastline summer and fall, often snoozing on the rocks in slanted sunlight outside the massive lodge windows. We, too, walk out of the lodge with guests, and wander to points along the coastline and on the rebounding tundra, past high grasses, large lichen-strewn boulders, over soft mosses and berry fields.

Seal River’s location near the Seal River Estuary also makes it ideal for viewing beluga whales on a boat excursion in July and August.

Dymond Lake Ecolodge

Main Experiences: Walking Safaris


58° 49’ 19.72” N / 94° 32’ 40.92” W

Dymond Lake Ecolodge-exterior_photo by Scott Zielke

Dymond Lake Ecolodge photo by Scott Zielke

Dymond Lake Lodge is nestled near the treeline of the boreal forest, next to a small lake that sometimes reveals frozen bubbles under the ice, a delightful phenomenon to see. Close proximity to the coast and forest means we see polar bears, moose, fox, pine marten, snowy owls, and even the elusive wolverine.

Everything from different vistas, unique biomes, seasonal wildlife—even the changing light and sky of a place—reveal a distinctive magic to each lodge. Let that magic pull you to a place you don’t yet know.

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