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Kayaking around ice in the Hudson Bay.
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June 27, 2020

Sea-Ice Capades results in new Arctic safari

On the edge of the ice floe. So what does one do when COVID-19 shuts down a summer season of guests visiting our ecolodges and takes away our opportunities to make some wonderful new friends? Create a new expedition, of course, in anticipation of being able to power into 2021…
Patient polar bear hunting beluga whales. Seal River Heritage Lodge. Quent Plett photo.
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January 25, 2020

Seal River polar bears hunting belugas appear in new BBC Earth series, Seven Worlds, One Planet. New Arctic adventures on the horizon.

Polar bear hunting beluga whales in the Seal River. Quent Plett photo. by George Williams "As a wildlife film crew we’ve been all over the world, but rarely have we received a warmer welcome than at Seal River Lodge. No matter how odd our hours or challenging our request, nothing…

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