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by Terry Elliott, Churchill Wild Wilderness Guide

I love Nanuk! The setting is awesome and the wildlife can’t be beat.

We had the rhinos out today and were able to get close to a polar bear before a wolf decided to come in and check us out. We have seen polar bears every day but I think the wolves have been the highlight for me. The pack is gathering up and we are often seeing at least eight at a time. They seem to have a schedule, appearing every evening when we are having dinner.

On another remarkable day at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, we headed east in the morning and found nine polar bears out by the Mistikokan River. We got back in the afternoon and were able to get close to a Mom and her 2-year-old cub. The weather was beautiful as we watched a young female appear in the distance, and it did not take her long to get close and scare the Mom and cub away. She then approached us out of curiosity, but we gently discouraged her from getting too close and she went on her way, just as we did.

And when we arrived home, two wolves were waiting for us.

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