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Autumn snuggle. Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Ramona Boone photo.

Autumn snuggle. Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Photo courtesy of Ramona Boone.

We’ve just received our new Churchill Wild 25th Anniversary books and they’re packed with history — stories and photos — including many from past guests, highlighting our 25 years of adventure on the Hudson Bay coast. Thank you to everyone who contributed, the books are beautiful!

A number of photos throughout the book include stories, which always make an image more fun and interesting to look at. “The Story Behind the Photo” for “Autumn Snuggle” at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, arrives courtesy of Ramona and Steve Boone.

Steve and Ramona were among our first guests at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge in 2010 and described their trip as “A wonderful experience! Bears, guides, gourmet chefs — awesome.  You have a beautiful operation. Thank you for sharing this unique environment.”

Thank you Steve and Ramona!

Autumn Snuggle — The Story Behind the Photo

We scanned the horizon; the tundra stretching forever in one direction, the beach seeming to hold the endless sea at bay. Ten thousand snow geese swirled overhead. We were in the heart of polar bear country at Churchill Wild’s Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge.

Autumn had arrived, and the foliage was turning beautiful hues of red and gold making for the perfect backdrop to spot the white polar bears. As we unpacked and settled into our cabins, the smell of delicious home cooking wafted in the air from the kitchen fires. “Keep your eyes peeled,” we heard the cook say. “They’ll be coming in now.”

Our first wildlife spotting was of the biggest moose we’d ever seen, seemingly 15-feet tall and stunning against the light of the setting sun. Soon the sound of rustling bushes drew our attention. Black spots peeking out turned into polar bear noses, then morphed into a polar bear Mom and cub. Our first sighting – and right outside the camp fence.

Of course, our hearts stopped – and then started pounding. Truly wild polar bears.  We tried to calm down enough to capture a shot of the simple pleasure of mother and cub foraging together. A free and healthy pair, giving us a glimpse into their world.

Thank you, Jeanne and Mike, for sharing this wonderful experience with us.

— Steve and Ramona Boone

Copies of Churchill Wild — 25 Years of Adventure on the Hudson Bay Coast are now available at our head office. There are also a limited number of copies available at our polar bear lodges. For more information please call 1.866.UGO.WILD (846.9453) or email

Churchill Wild. 25 Years of Adventure on the Hudson Bay Coast.

Churchill Wild. 25 Years of Adventure on the Hudson Bay Coast. Cover photo by Sean Crane.

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