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Remembering Nanuk

By October 8, 2014May 21st, 2021No Comments

Polar bear and guide at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

by Robert Postma, Professional Photo Leader

As we begin our descent to 300 feet, my pulse quickens as the Hudson Bay coastline comes into view. Circling over Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, I can already see four polar bears and a moose hanging out close by, just waiting for our group to visit!

I am here as a Photo Leader on the Mothers & Cubs adventure for a group of guests whose nationalities are Canadian, American, and a Polish couple living in Paris. It is the first time seeing polar bears for all of the guests and judging by their chatter, they are very excited.

Girl with polar bear at Nanik Polar Bear Lodge.

The plane lands and comes to a gentle stop. The fresh air surrounding Nanuk acts as a tonic and awakens senses dulled by city life. For me at least, it’s hard not to feel alive here with so much life surrounding us. Most of it of the wild variety!

After meeting with the staff, whom I have known for years, we settle down for a delicious lunch. While eating, a bull moose comes out of the bushes and poses for us, teasing us to run out and take photos. Unfortunately, by the time we get out there, the moose has slipped back into the willows.

Polar bear rolling in the grass at Nanuk

After lunch, we head out for our first of many “Rhino” rides. During the excursion we see many polar bears in the immediate vicinity of the Lodge, which makes for easy viewing! Cameras come out, photos are taken, and memories are made.

Guest taking photo of guest with polar bear at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

After dinner, I put on a slideshow that includes the northern lights, just to get people excited, as the prediction for aurora borealis on this night is rated high. Andy, the polar bear guide, steps in from outside and reports that the lights have come out and are beginning to dance across the night sky in ghostly curtains of light. The guests can now cross off two more items off their personal bucket lists.

Northern lights at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

I smile inside, seeing their happiness, and realizing that… we have three more days of this.

NOTE: Robert Postma will also be Professional Photo Leader on the Polar Bear Photo Safari at Seal River Heritage Lodge from Nov. 2-7 and on the the Great Ice Bear Adventure from Nov. 8-13 at Dymond Lake Lodge. Looking forward to that!

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