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Churchill Wild/Blueberries & Polar Bears Cookbook Contest Winners!

Wild Delights Cookbook. Guest selected recipes from the Blueberries & Polar Bears cookbook series. Free Download.

Wild Delights Cookbook. Free Download below.

This Churchill Wild/Blueberries & Polar Bears cookbook contest is now closed but you can still download your FREE Wild Delights PDF cookbook using the form below. We’ve also selected our first 20 winners, with more to come!

We had over 250 entries in our first cookbook contest of the year and we said that for every combination of 50 Likes, Shares and Comments on the Churchill Wild Facebook Page post, we’d give away an extra two books. You responded in a big way with 380 Likes, 78 shares and 45 comments for a total of 503 interactions, which means we get to give away an additional 20 books. Lucky us! Lucky you!

Entries came in from around the world, and ranged from people wanting to send a book to family members who kept borrowing their copy, to those who wanted to send a book to their children just starting out with a young family, to a son who wanted to send a book to his grandmother, who cooks enough for an army of people at the age of 80, to another who wanted to send a book to a close friend working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was definitely tough to pick the first 20 winners!

If you’re on the list of winners in this first group, please watch your email this week for a notification. If you’re not on this list, don’t fret, we’ll be selecting an additional 10 winners (plus a few more!) this week and adding them to this page. The prizes will be sent out in July.

Here are the first group of winners in alphabetical order: Heather Bechman, Judy Chow, Esther Appleyard, Katie Buchanan, Renee Capouya, Judith Crowley, Paula Curtin, Royce Haiman, Anne Hengeveld, Mary MacArthur, Barbara MacDonald, Jean Matlosz Goldberg, Elizabeth Michelena, Anna Middleton, Debbi Onischuk, Crystal Parten, Jenny Purse, Glenne Stewart, Nina Waffenschmidt and Sandra Watson.

Here are the second group of winners: Dalene Baker, Catherine Brand, Pamela Caffyn, Connie Cava, Emily Goldstein, Jannelle Hunter, Brenda Johnston, Sherry Muirhead, Jennifer Pompeo and Melissa Willey.

The recipes in the Blueberries & Polar Bears cookbooks have been developed for easy preparation using good, wholesome, basic ingredients, which acknowledges the fact that the corner store in the north may be a boat or plane trip away. The recipes use practical cooking and baking techniques anyone can appreciate, and nothing is terribly difficult, as preparation is of the essence at our remote polar bear lodges.

Over 100,000 of the Blueberries & Polar Bears cookbooks have been sold since 1994, and we have selected 45 guest-favourite recipes from the series for the new Wild Delights cookbook just for you.

To download your free Wild Delights cookbook, simply fill out the form below. And if you have used any of the cookbooks, have a recipe request, or anything else you would like to know about the Blueberries & Polar Bears cookbooks, please leave us a comment in the download form below. We hope you enjoy Wild Delights!

Blueberries & Polar Bears Cookbooks with Dymond Lake Seasoning.

Blueberries & Polar Bears Cookbooks with Dymond Lake Seasoning.

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