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Lone wolf patrols fence at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Derek Kyostia photo.

Lone wolf patrols fence at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Derek Kyostia photo.

by Derek Kyostia, Churchill Wild Guide

Management was growing increasingly concerned as guides and guests alike were staggering back to the polar bear lodge at Seal River, suspiciously giddy if not seemingly intoxicated, after each and every outing over the last little while.

Forensic evidence gathered at the scene revealed these people were actually suffering from charismatic mega fauna overdose (CMFO), a rare affliction known to infect those who have been fortunate enough to visit Seal River Heritage Lodge as of late.

Heaven only knows what celestial bodies and cosmic forces have aligned and/or collided to deliver the cornucopia of wildlife that has landed on the doorstep of the Lodge recently. Of course, we all pray to see moms with cubs or sparring titans at some point over the course of a visit to any one of Churchill Wild’s luxurious lodges, but when those boxes are ticked within the first few hours of landing, it leaves the Guides scratching their heads and asking, “What next?”

Well, an elaborate display of aurora borealis against a star-studded sky and a smattering of clouds provided a great start, and guests made the best of sub-zero temps, taking time to experiment with light painting random objects, including loved ones.

But nothing could have prepared anyone at the Lodge for the beauty that Mother Nature dropped on us shortly before lunch yesterday. A lone female wolf accentuated by soft morning light patrolled the area just beyond the fence for nearly four hours!

Be still my beating heart!

This more-than-worthwhile but otherwise untimely distraction postponed lunch for more than an hour. Even the chef bared the frigid temps to snap a few photos. The respect level was so high among guests that between the clicking of shutters all that could be heard was the whisper of the sub-Arctic winds.

And the breaths of a magnificent animal.

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