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Polar bear surveys his earthly domain at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Susan Jenkins photo.

Polar bear surveys his earthly domain at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Susan Jenkins photo.

April 22, 2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. It’s a day when people around the world come together (virtually) and increase their efforts to preserve our precious planet. Every year, Earth Day has a different theme related to sustainability, and this year’s theme is climate action — things we can do to reduce our contribution to climate change.

This is particularly important to us at Churchill Wild, and one of the main reasons our polar bear safaris are primarily walking-based. The planet needs the help of everyone to ensure its sustainability, and polar bears and their shrinking Arctic habitat are major indicators of where we are at in the process.

Science clearly shows that the polar bears’ natural habitat, the Arctic sea ice, is disappearing more rapidly than ever before, which means their traditional living, hunting, breeding and in some cases denning areas, are disappearing.

We’ve seen subtle changes in the behaviour of the polar bears at our ecolodges on the Hudson Bay coast over the past few decades. They are adapting and evolving to face environmental challenges. Their survival depends on it. They have no choice.

We, on the other hand, do have a choice, and if we can do our part to gradually slow climate change and give the polar bears more time to adapt, we will all share in the benefits of a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

Happy Earth Day!

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