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Guests exploring ancient tent rings at Seal River.

Guests exploring ancient tent rings at Seal River.

by Paul Scriver, Churchill Wild Wilderness Guide

Seal River Heritage Lodge is about intimate wildlife encounters, but we also have an incredible amount of history from past cultures. The shores of Hudson Bay have been a mixing spot for wildlife and cultures for hundreds of years. Much of that history is evident around Seal River Heritage Lodge.

Shown here are guests exploring a tent ring along a paleo beach-ridge that holds an amazing amount of remains from Inuit cultures of the past. We also find permafrost cooling pits, hunting pits and more in the area, all within a leisurely walk from the lodge. Our best guess is that this site would have been in use approximately 400 years ago.

This area also happens to be an excellent high vantage point in which to scan south towards the Seal River and scout for polar bears. While people look for wildlife moving up the coast, it is easy to get lost imagining what life was like at this site 400 years ago!

Walking in 400-year-old footsteps. It's easy to daydream here!

Walking in 400-year-old footsteps. It’s easy to daydream here!

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