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A powerful walk from a giant at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge.

A powerful walk from a giant at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge.

Churchill Wild has been blessed with some fabulous media coverage over the years in elite publications and major travel blogs all over the world, but it’s always a treat to discover that one of our polar bear walking safaris has been showcased and appreciated in a different language.

Late last year we were privileged to be featured in the German publication Freundin in an article written by Bettina Kelm, an accomplished freelance photojournalist who seeks to inspire and arouse her readers with in-depth reports on nature and conservation.

Bettina did just that with her article about her trip to Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge entitled Expedition to the White Giants, while on the Arctic Discovery. And it wasn’t just about meeting polar bears face-to-face at ground level for the first time.

The protection of the oceans is especially dear to Bettina, and she supports various environmental organizations such as Greenpeace and One Earth – One Ocean, while also doing volunteer work for the non-profit association MEER. She started her Arctic Discovery swimming with beluga whales.

“Another encounter with white giants that I will remember for the rest of my life,” she wrote in her article, which we translated from German to English here.

Thank you Bettina.

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