Churchill Wild in the News

Churchill Wild has been featured in many of North America’s most prestigious magazines and daily newspapers, as well as on numerous travel websites and blogs. Below are a selection of articles for your enjoyment!


Great Reads in Photography (Arctic fox, Seal River Heritage Lodge)
by Phil Mistry, March 7, 2021

Incredible Travel Ideas and Experiences within Canada
by Kemi Wells
Wells Luxury Travel, March 1, 2021

Where to See Polar Bears in Canada
by Fiona Harper
Travel Boating Lifestyle, February 27, 2021

Photographer’s Arctic fox photo selected as Canada Post stamp
by Andrew Cruickshank
Cottage Life Magazine, February 23, 2021

Embrace Winter’s Wildest Adventures, From Walking on Drift Ice to Tracking Wolves
by Kathleen Rellihan
Newsweek Magazine, February 11, 2021

The Best Adventures for Couples, With a Splash of Romance
by Dave and Deb
The Planet D, February 10, 2021

27 Amazing Adventures Around the World — That We’ve Done
by Dave and Deb
The Planet D, January 17, 2021

30 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Canada
by Priya Vin
Outside Suburbia, January 8, 2021

Unique Escapes in 2021 for Travelers Who Have Been Everywhere
by Scott Dunn
Luxury Travel Magazine, January 8, 2021

26 of the Most Breathtaking Views in the World Worth Traveling For
by Susan Portnoy
The Insatiable Traveler, December 30, 2020

Face to Face with the Largest Carnivore On Earth
by Irene Middleman Thomas
City Lifestyle, Fort Collins, December 3, 2020

Best Hotels Around The World For Experiencing The Northern Lights
by Melanie Hamilton
Big Seven Travel, November 29, 2020

A Wild Walk for Charity
by Vanessa Descorcy
Churchill Wild, November 24, 2020

Great Escapes: Manitoba
by Kristen Pope
National Geographic – Travel, November 19, 2020

Wild Churchill – Up Close With Polar Bears
by Suzanne Morphet
Boulevard Magazines, Nov/Dec 2020

Hudson Bay in Canada: Alone among polar bears (German)
by Ingrid Brunner
Süddeutsche Zeitung, November 17, 2020

5 Frigid Facts About the Taiga, the World’s Largest Terrestrial Biome
by Stephanie Vermillion, August 18, 2020

Epic Things To Do in Canada — 52 of Dave and Deb’s Ultimate Adventures
by Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil
The Planet D, July 3, 2020

A Guide to Spotting Wildlife in Manitoba, Canada
by Lauren Korstrom
Ponytail Pretty, June 15, 2020

How to see Churchill Polar Bears in the Wild
by Kevin Wagar
Wandering Wagars – Adventure Family Travel, June 14, 2020

20 Photos That Celebrate Our Natural World—And Show What’s at Stake
by Johanna Read
Reader’s Digest – Travel, June 3, 2020

Where to see the largest flora and fauna on Earth
by Lola Méndez
CNN Travel, May 27, 2020

Dreaming of Travel: The World’s Wildest and Most Wonderful Adventures
by Tim Johnson
The Epoch Times, May 23, 2020

41 Iconic Places to Visit in Canada
by Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil
The Planet D, May 14, 2020

A 3-season travel guide to the natural wonders of Churchill, Manitoba
by Shel Zolkewich
Matador Network, May 7, 2020

World Snapshots: Polar Bear Adventure Pioneers Mike and Jeanne Reimer
by Janna Graber
Go World Travel Magazine, April 30, 2020

5 Manitoban cookbooks to help you break out of your quarantine kitchen rut
(Blueberries & Polar Bears is ours!)
by Tamara Soroka
Travel Manitoba, April 23, 2020

Beautiful Isolated Places on Earth — In Photos
by Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil
The Planet D, April 16, 2020

I Might Be #SafeAtHome And Stuck Inside, But I Remember When I Walked With The Animals!
by Lisa Niver
Bored Panda, April 12, 2020

Do You Want To Walk With Polar Bears? I Did It And You Can Too!
by Lisa Niver
Bored Panda, March 26, 2020

Five New Outdoor Experiences for you to try in Manitoba, Canada
Luxurious Magazine, March 4, 2020

10 Global Travel Adventures To Inspire Global Eco-Activism
by Lisa Niver
Ms. Magazine, February 24, 2020

Canada’s best polar bear experiences aren’t where you think they are
by Suzanne Morphet
Lonely Planet, February 21, 2020

7 Out-of-the-Box Boardrooms
by Sunny Fitzgerald
Connect, February 12, 2020

The most glamorous ways to escape from it all in Canada, January 17, 2020

Canadian polar bears’ ‘ingenious’ survival strategy seen in BBC Earth series
(filmed at Seal River Heritage Lodge)
by Victoria Ahearn
Yahoo! News, January 16, 2020

Walking with Polar Bears: An adventure with Churchill Wild
by Willy Waterton, January 11, 2020

10 Cold Weather Honeymoon Destinations to Heat Things Up
by Sunny Fitzgerald
Fodor’s Travel, January 9, 2020

52 Places to Go in 2020
#29 by Elaine Glusac
The New York Times — Travel, January 8, 2020

Where to Go in 2020
by AFAR Editors
AFAR Magazine, December 10, 2019

Podcast: Jad Davenport on life with polar bears and tundra wolves.
by Rachelle Mackintosh
Faunographic WILD LIVES Podcast, November 17, 2019

Sustainable travel:
A guide to understanding your impact on the environment and how to reduce it

by Sierra Bein
The Globe and Mail – Life, November 8, 2019

The (Wild) Rush of the North
by Jenn Smith Nelson
Just for Canadian Dentists Magazine, November 6, 2019

Spotting the Arctic Big Five in Manitoba, Canada
by Churchill Wild
National Geographic UK Travel, November 4, 2019

Birds, belugas and bears, oh my
by Julie L. Kessler
San Francisco Examiner — Travel, September 22, 2019

Polar Bear Watching: Up Close and Personal in Manitoba
Entree Destinations, September 19, 2019

3 spectacular seasons of Churchill, Manitoba: When to see polar bears, beluga whales, and the Northern Lights
by Shel Zolkewich
Matador Network, September 11, 2019

6 Winter Layering Tips to Dress for the Deep Freeze
by Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil
The Planet D, August 20, 2019

15 best spots for spotting the northern lights (11. Churchill and Churchill Wild)
USA Today Travel, August 19, 2019

Summer at Seal River Heritage Lodge – Guest Photo Album
by Chet Stein
Chet Stein Photography, July 28, 2019

Into the Wilderness — Love It Like a Local
by Story 54
Gourmet Traveller Magazine, July 26, 2019

8 Safari Trips To Add To Your Bucket List This Summer
by Karen Tietjen
The Zoe Report , July 20, 2019

Polar bears and other reasons to love Churchill 
by Jennifer Bain, July 12, 2019

Wild_Life: The Big Freeze (TV Series) 
(Includes footage from Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge and Seal River Heritage Lodge)
by Bertie Gregory, July 11, 2019

Walking to Polar Bears
by Kirsten Hines, July 1, 2019

Canada’s best wildlife experiences
by Kerry Walker
Lonely Planet, June 19, 2019

George “The Explorer” Turner, The N-Photo Interview
by Keith Wilson
N-Photo Magazine, June 2019

Canada’s most Transformative Wildlife Experience of 2019 | Churchill Wild
by Anthony Berklich, May 26, 2019

In Manitoba it’s all about the Bears and Belugas
by Paula Froelich, May 22, 2019

Walk with Polar Bears on the Ultimate Canadian Safari
by Jetsetter Staff, May 13, 2019

On the Trail of Polar Bears in Manitoba
by Stuart Forster
TripReporter, May 12, 2019

An interview with Doug O’Neill: 110 Nature Hot Spots in Manitoba and Saskatchewan
by Laura Paquet
Getting On Travel, May 11, 2019

Arctic Faceoff
by Kirsten Hines, May 8, 2019

Ice Blue Silence. Abundance of Raw Beauty.
Luxury Travel Canada, May 2019

This Incredible Polar Bear Safari will Change Your Life
by Travel Manitoba
EscapeHere, May 2019

Walks with Polar Bears (Podcast)
by Graeme Kemlo
Travel Writers Radio, April 3, 2019

You’d never cover all Canada’s Wilderness – So here are the best bits
by Amanda Woods
Escape Magazine, March 30, 2019

Walking with Polar Bears Tours with Churchill Wild
by Amanda Woods
Adventures All Around, March 25, 2019

Bear Country (PDF)
by Chloe Cann
Mercedes Me Magazine (Page38), Autumn/Winter 2019

The Best Places to Travel with Kids in 2019
by The Editors
Town & Country Magazine, March 19, 2019

Urso polar no Canadá: onde ver no habitat ou no zoológico de Winnipeg
by Nathalia Molina
Estadão Viagem, March 12, 2019

You Can Stay At These Eco-Lodges In Canada Where Polar Bears Actually Walk Right By You
by Sarah Anderson
Narcity Travel, February 7, 2019

Adorable Tundra Animals – The Canadian Arctic Comes to Life
by Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil
The Planet D, February 2, 2019

Fly-fishing for sea-run brook trout (with polar bears) at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge
by Mark Melnyk
The New Fly Fisher, February 1, 2019

Sea-run Brook Trout at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge (Video)
by Mark Melnyk
The New Fly Fisher (YouTube), January 26, 2019

Clear your mind in these open spaces made for exploring
by Lisa Niver
USA Today 10Best, January 15, 2019

Animal Magic
by Chloe Cann
TTG Luxury, Winter 2018

Six Luxury Vacations That Will Also Appeal to Your Inner Do-Gooder
by Sara Clemence
Bloomberg Pursuits, December 19, 2018

Interview: Intimate Portraits of Churchill Polar Bears in Northern Canada
by Jessica Stewart
My Modern Met, December 7, 2018

Sony 400mm f/2.8 G Master Field Test: The Polar Bears Of Churchill
by Nate Luebbe, December 4, 2018

How Do You Get to Churchill Wild?
by Lisa Ellen Niver
Jewish Journal, November 23, 2018

Rare Wildlife Encounters
by Paul Rubio
Luxury Magazine (Page 155), Winter 2018

Polar Bear Photography Tips & Techniques. Polar Bears in Subarctic Canada!
by Stuart Forster
Classic Imaging Magazine, October/November 2018

The Ultimate Autumn Travel Experience is in Churchill, Manitoba
by Nate Luebbe
The Outbound Collective, November 23, 2018

Are You Ready For an Adventure? Walk with Polar Bears.
by Lisa Ellen Niver
We Said Go Travel, November 10, 2018

Do You Want to Walk with Polar Bears?
by Lisa Ellen Niver
We Said Go Travel, November 7, 2018

Polar Bear Photo Safari at Nanuk Lodge
by Andy Morley
Texas Morleys, October 31, 2018

Why You Should Honeymoon in Canada — and 5 Trips to Consider
by Todd Plummer, October 30, 2018

Why Winnipeg is a Canadian secret gem
by Chloe Cann
TTG Media, October 16, 2018

Walking with polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba
by Dax Justin
Canadian Geographic Travel, October 9, 2018

Best in Travel 2019 — Top 10 Regions (Manitoba #8)
by Lonely Planet Editors
Lonely Planet, October 9, 2018

The 7 best places to see a polar bear in the wild
by Ali Wunderman
Matador Network, October 5, 2018

The world’s best wildlife destinations outside Africa
by Ute Junker
Traveller (Australia), September 26, 2018

Getting Up Close with Polar Bears — While We Still Can
by Jennifer Allford
Saturday Evening Post, September/October 2018

In Photos: Tracing the footsteps of Manitoba’s polar bears
by Susan Portnoy, August 14, 2018

Nanuk Lodge: Canada by Justine Gosling
Riddle Magazine, August 2018

Into The Eyes of Wolves (Pages 23-25) and Other Churchill Wild Adventures by Crai S. Bower
Just for Canadian Dentists, July/August 2018

Walking with Polar Bears by Amanda Woods
travelBulletin, June 2018

Close Encounters: Polar Bears by Jocelyn Pride
Wellbeing Magazine, June 2018

20 Bucket List Travel Destinations for Animal Lovers by Colleen Stinchcombe
BRIT + CO, May 4, 2018

On Thin Ice: The Tundra Experience by Geetika Jain
Verve Magazine, April 22, 2018

Our Family Trip to the Canadian Arctic (PDF) by Jad Davenport
Highland Way of Life Magazine, April 2018

You Can Now Walk With Polar Bears At This Canadian Arctic Resort by Riley James
MTL Blog, April 2018

Polar Extremes, Churchill Wild Q & A (PDF) by Stuart Forster
Selling Canada, Spring/Summer 2018

Polar Bear Den Emergence Quest Travelogue (Video) by Virginia Huang, March 26, 2018

8 Awesome Animal Experiences Around the World by Christine Retschlag
The Global Goddess, March 26, 2018

Experience Polar Bear Bliss at Nanuk by Travel Post Monthly
Travel Post Monthly, March 1, 2018

Auge in Auge mit Bob (German) by Birgit-Cathrin Duval
360° Kanada, February 2018

Spotting polar bears in remote Manitoba by Justine Gosling
The Sunday Times, February 18, 2018

Walking with Polar Bears by Geetika Jain
Sanctuary Asia, February 2018

An Arctic Escape by Paul Rubio
Palm Beach Illustrated, January 18, 2018

The Great Escape (PDF) by Tara Lal
Elle India Magazine, January 2018

Escape – Polar Trailblazer (PDF) by Paul Rubio
Palm Beach Illustrated, January 2018

Face to face with the polar bear by Geetika Jain
Hindustan Times, January 6, 2018

GRIN and BEAR it (PDF) by Christine Retschlag
Get Lost Magazine, January 2018 Issue 55

The Thrill of Canada’s only Polar Bear Walking Photo Safari by Susan Portnoy
The Insatiable Traveler, January 2, 2018

Editors’ picks: Our top travel experiences of 2017 by Aaron Kylie, Nick Walker, Harry Wilson, Michela Rosano and Alexandra Pope
Canadian Geographic, December 27, 2017

Congratulations from Manitoba’s Growth, Enterprise and Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen on winning the 2017 Transat Sustainable Tourism Award at the Canadian Tourism Awards
Manitoba PC Caucus on YouTube, December 6, 2017

True Wonders of Nature: Canada’s Insider Tips (Written in German)
Huffington Post Germany, December 5, 2017

Churchill Wild Takes Home Sustainable Tourism Award by Jamie Roy
Steinbach Online, December 3, 2017

Chasing the Northern Lights from Above and Below by Susan Portnoy
The Insatiable Traveler, December 2, 2017

Polar Bear Walking Tours with Churchill Wild in Canada by Amanda Woods
Escape Magazine, December 1, 2017

quattro. Uncover the unknown. Wander through the West.
Audi Canada, November 28, 2017

Prepping for a Cold Weather Adventure: Polar Bears in Manitoba by Susan Portnoy
The Insatiable Traveler, November 13, 2017

Meeting Polar Bears Face-to-Face with Canadian Geographic by Dax Justin, November 10, 2017

Churchill Wild’s culinary legacy by Nisha Tuli
Manitoba Hot, November 8, 2017

7 Spectacular Hotels for Viewing the Northern Lights (#6) by Susan Shain
CNN Travel, November 6, 2017

This Arctic Safari Will Let You Roam Among Polar Bears In Canada by Eul Basa
Narcity Travel, October 24, 2017

Making The Wild Canadian Year by David Suzuki
CBC – The Nature of Things, October 22, 2017

Arctic Adventures: Walking with polar bears by Christine Retschlag
Holidays For Couples, October 12, 2017

10 of the Most Beautiful Places in Canada for Spectacular Views by Susan Portnoy
The Insatiable Traveler, October 11, 2017

A Return to Canada: Polar Bears, Moose, Wolves & Wine by Niamh Shields
Eat like a Girl, October 10, 2017

Manitoba: Close encounter of the bear kind by Stuart Forster
National Geographic Traveller, October 3, 2017

Our idea of paradise by Dale Weiler & Loti Wood
Weiler Woods for Wildlife, October 2, 2017

The Wild Canadian Year, Summer by David Suzuki
CBC – The Nature of Things, October 1, 2017

The 15 Best Places to See Wildlife Up Close (#9) by Paul Rubio
Condé Nast Traveler, September 25, 2017

World’s Best Sustainable Travel Experiences Named for 2017 by Elyse Romano
D’Marge, Travel, September 17, 2017

Meet the Mavericks: 2017 PURE Award Winners (Mike Reimer, Churchill Wild — Contribution to Experiential Travel)
PURE Life Experiences, September 13, 2017

No Average Bear, Walking among polar bears at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is a boyhood dream come true by Doug O’Neill
Travel Life Magazine, Summer 2017

Seven once-in-a-lifetime safaris that aren’t in Africa by Laura Kiniry
USA Today Travel, August 31, 2017

47 Mesmerizing Photos of Animals in the Wild (Photo #8, Gillian Lloyd) by National Geographic Staff
National Geographic Photography, August 29, 2017

7 Once-in-a-Lifetime Safaris That Aren’t in Africa by Laura Kiniry, August 23, 2017

Labor Day Weekend Getaways 2017 by Paul Rubio
Condé Nast Traveler, August 14, 2017

How to catch a glimpse of the majestic polar bears in Canada
Verve Magazine, July 30, 2017

We’re going on a polar bear hunt (with cameras!!) by Lauren Jarvis
Grazia UK, July 24, 2017

Fulfilling a dream, with polar bears by Jan Ostroff
The Philadelphia Inquirer — Travel, May 28, 2017

Wildlife Encounters — Six of the Best by Chris Allsop
Sunday Times Travel Magazine, May 2017

Tales From the Tundra by Leena Gandhi Tewari
Jet Airways In-Flight Magazines, April 20, 2017

15 coups de coeur au Canada (15 favourites in Canada) by Lise Giguère
MILLE ET UN VOYAGES par Lise Giguère, April 20, 2017

Churchill Wild offers close encounters by Irene Middleman Thomas
The Costo Connection (Canada), May/June 2017

Canada Top 10 Bucket List – World Without Bounds by Stuart Forster
Selling Canada, Spring/Summer 2017

Polar-izing experiences by Irene Middleman Thomas
The Costo Connection (USA), May 2017

The Sound of White, Walking with polar bears in Arctic Canada by Christine Retschlag
Holidays for Couples Magazine, April 2017

Diez viajes emocionantes para ver animales salvajes (Spanish) Ten exciting trips to see wild animals by Cristina Garcia Brindley
EL PAÍS, March 27, 2017

Walking with Giants at Seal River Heritage Lodge by D and A
YOLO Travel, March 19, 2017

On safari – Arctic style by Irene Middleman Thomas
Just About Travel, March 4, 2017

Close encounter with a polar bear earns travel writer Stuart prestigious award by Andrew White
The Northern Echo, February 25, 2017

New bucket list: The seven greatest wonders of travel named (Seal River Heritage Lodge, Polar Bear Spotting, Canada) by Brian Johnston, February 15, 2017

Dances with bears by Craig Platt, February 8, 2017

Discover Canada: 36 Amazing Adventures from Coast to Coast by Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil, February 2, 2017

National Geographic: The New Paradigm
Hotel & Tourism Online, January 27, 2017

Experience true northern hospitality at these 8 unique lodges by Breanne Sewards
Manitoba Hot, January 26, 2017

Creatures of the Tundra by Jad Davenport
Get Lost Magazine, December/January 2017

Seven Quintessential Reasons For Your Clients To Visit Canada This Year by Richard D’Ambrosio
Travel Market Report, January 18, 2017

The Polar Bear Safari is a truly Canadian experience, says travel writer by Jayson MacLean
Cantech Letter, January 6, 2017

Expedition to the white giants (English Translation) by Bettina Kelm
Freundin, January 5, 2017

Canada’s walking safari lets you encounter polar bears on their turf and terms by Jennifer Bain
Toronto Star, January 4, 2017

Great Ice Bear Adventure 2016. Walking with Polar Bears by Wildlife Mad Travellers
Wildlife Mad Travelers, December 30, 2016

A Polar Bear Adventure by The Nature Junkies
The Nature Junkies, December 15, 2016

50 Reasons to #LovetheWorld (#46 Polar Bears at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge) by Dave and Deb Corbeil
BBC Travel, December 7, 2016

Cute-looking killer bears that can run as fast as Usain Bolt by Stuart Forster
Jewish Telegraph, December 2, 2016

These divas easy to bear! by Christine Retschlag
Australian Senior Traveler, December 2016

From snorkelling with beluga whales to seeing polar bears from a buggy: 16 amazing wildlife experiences you NEED to have in Canada by Ted Thornhill
Daily Mail UK Travel, November 24, 2016

Travel: Walking with Polar Bears in Manitoba by Stuart Forster
Mumbai Mirror, November 20, 2016

Tundra Tinder by Christine Retschlag
The Global Goddess, November 14, 2016

Canada’s Colourful Characters by Christine Retschlag
The Global Goddess, November 7, 2016

Polar Bear Safari in Manitoba, Canada by Stuart Forster
Go Eat Do, November 2, 2016

The north is calling: Walking unfamilar terrain at Seal River Heritage Lodge by Breanne Sewards
ManitobaHot, November 2, 2016

Expedition zu den weißen Riesen by Bettina Kelm
Freundin, November 2, 2016

Walking with Polar Bears in Arctic Canada by Karen Burns-Booth
Lavender and Lovage, October 31, 2016

The Life of Guides by Margot Pfeiff
explore Magazine, Fall 2016

Bear with me while I focus by Stuart Forster
British Guild of Travel Writers, October 28, 2016

Experiencing the Arctic Live At Churchill In Manitoba, Canada by Stuart Forster
The Huffington Post Travel UK, October 27, 2016

10 cool reasons to visit Manitoba, Canada, October 23, 2016

Finding the true meaning of luxury (and lots of polar bears) in northern Manitoba by Michelle Sponagle
ManitobaHot, October 13, 2016

Three tourism award winners have Churchill ties
Thompson Citizen, October 12, 2016

Walking with Polar Bears: Arctic Safari in the Canadian Wilderness by Julia Dimon
Travelocity, September 29, 2016

Top 15 Eco-Adventures in Canada
Expedia Travel Blog, September 28, 2016

Arctic Jewels (PDF), Forage for berries in the Arctic climes and remote wilderness of Northern Manitoba, Canada by Jennifer Ennion
Nourish Magazine, September 2016

Salmon and swimming pigs: The world’s weirder snorkeling spots by Tim Johnson
CNN Travel, September 20, 2016

10 incredible ways to see Canada by Paul Wade
The Telegraph, September 15, 2016

Bear Baiting by Chris Allsop
Business Jet Traveler, August, 2016

Churchill Wild helps customers with their bucket lists by Brenda Sawatzky
Niverville Citizen, August 29, 2016

4 Insane Things You Can Only Do In Manitoba by Allison Eberle
Huffington Post, August 22, 2016

Rush of a Lifetime: Arctic Safari in Churchill, Manitoba by Jody Robbins
Travels With Baggage, August 22, 2016

“Winter Horseman” takes big prize in National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest
CTV News, July 7, 2016

National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest winners announced. Grand Prize: Polar Bear Safari at Seal River Heritage Lodge.
National Geographic Travel, July 1, 2016

Canada’s Arctic an untapped gold mine…of tourism by Ed Struzik, June 28, 2016

Travel: On safari with a polar bear in the Arctic by Lisa Young
The Scotsman, June 15, 2016

Three Places to View Canadian Wildlife by Kat Tancock
WestJet Magazine, May 31, 2016

Chasing the light: 2016 National Geographic travel photo contest entries (Grand Prize: Seal River Heritage Lodge trip for two) by CNN Staff
CNN Travel, May 26, 2016

Manitoba’s Top 10 Travel Features of 2015 by Jillian Recksiedler, Travel Manitoba, March 14, 2016

It’s time to go to Canada (but not why you think) by Suzanne Morphet
The Dallas Morning News, February 26, 2016

Extreme Canada: 11 Adventurous Reasons to Head North by Monica Poling
Travel Pulse, February 17, 2016

Oh, Canada! 5 reasons to visit Canada right now by Tom Barber
A Luxury Travel Blog, February 15, 2016

A Face-To-Face Way to See Churchill Polar Bears by Zorianna Kit
TravelAge West, February 11, 2016

Into the wild: The incredible new properties added to National Geographic’s Unique Lodges Of The World (including one where polar bears join you for breakfast) by Katie Amey and Becky Pemberton
Mail Online (UK), January 22, 2016

Manitoba: Polar Bear Safari by Chris Alsop, City Magazine (UK) December 12, 2015

15 reasons Canada should be on your must-visit list by Jennifer Ennion
The Daily Telegraph (AUS) December 5, 2015

Nanuk Lodge, a land of polar bears and wolves by Cristina Garcia and Hal Brindley, November 30, 2015

Directors of Toughness | Manitoba [Video] by Columbia Directors of Toughness
Columbia Sportswear on YouTube, November 23, 2015

Walking with Giants: Meeting the Churchill Polar Bears by Michele DeWeese Crim
A Life More Extraordinary Blog, November 21, 2015

Manitoba: Stay On Track by Columbia Directors of Toughness
Columbia Sportswear Blog, November 16, 2015

Canada vs United States by Columbia Directors of Toughness
Columbia Sportswear Blog, November 16, 2015

Guidance through the Canadian Arctic by Columbia Directors of Toughness
Columbia Sportswear Blog, November 13, 2015

Walking With Giants: Journey Through Polar Bear Country by Chris Kassar
Beyond the Edge National Geographic Adventure Blog, November 6, 2015

100 Things to do in Canada Before You Die: Go wild in Churchill on a Canadian polar bear safari
International Traveller Magazine (AUS), November 1, 2015

Canada: On the prowl by Shaney Hudson
National Geographic Traveller (UK), October 12, 2015

Eye to Eye with Ursus Maritimus by John Lehmann
Toque & Canoe, September 25, 2015

Polar Bear Photos: Be transported to the Wild Edge of Manitoba by Dave Bouskill/Deb Corbeil
theplanetD, September 30, 2015

When polar bears sleep: a polar bear walking safari by Cristina Garcia/Hal Brindley, September 27, 2015

Les ours de la Baie d’Hudson, en septembre
Etendues Sauvages – Le Blog (FR), September 24, 2015

Walking with Polar Bears – The Greatest Arctic Safari by Dave Bouskill/Deb Corbeil
theplanetD, September 15, 2015

Spotting polar bears from a plane by Cristina Garcia, September 12, 2015

Canada’s polar bears the big attraction as Churchill Wild opens new lodge on Hudson Bay by Ian Lloyd Neubauer
The Daily Telegraph (AUS), September 11, 2015

Called to the Wild by Robert Earle Howells
National Geographic Traveler Magazine Article (PDF), September 1, 2015

The Surprising Cuisine of Northern Manitoba by Amy Rosen
EnRoute Magazine, August 12, 2015

You’ll see polar bear mothers and cubs on this tour of Canada’s coastal tundra by Rosemary McClure
Los Angeles Times, August 4, 2015

The 4 bears of Canada and how best to see them by Sandra Potter
A Luxury Travel Blog, July 27, 2015

11 wildlife encounters to do soon — before they possibly disappear by Sarah Reid
CNN Travel, April 16, 2015

Manitoba – Zwischen Bären und Belugas by Cornelia Wolter
360˚ Kanada (GER), February 28, 2015

Richard’s Picks: Ten Best Wildlife Places for 2015 by Richard Bangs
Huffington Post Travel, January 25, 2015

The Travel Show (Video: Brandy Yanchyk walks with polar bears at Seal River Lodge)
BBC, November 29, 2014

Best Places to See Baby Animals by Lanee Lee
Travel and Leisure Magazine, July 18, 2014

Polar Bears aren’t hard to find in Canadian photo safari b
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 13, 2014

Manitoba lodge redefines up-close polar bear encounters by Robert N. Jenkins
San Francisco Chronicle, April 26, 2014

From Goldfish to Giraffes: 10 Incredible Hotel Animals by Christine Sarkis Travel, March 27, 2014

Manitoba, Land of Polar Bears and Northern Lights by Iain Mallory
Mallory on Travel, September 19, 2013

Walking With Polar Bears: The Next Great Safari by Richard Bangs
Huffington Post Travel, November 22, 2013

Dances with Bears by Craig Platt
The Sydney Morning Herald Traveller, Feb 23, 2013

Arctic foxes suffer while reds thrive in northern Canada
BBC Nature, January 4, 2013

How to get up close (but not too personal) in polar bear country by Jake MacDonald
The Globe and Mail, Nov. 17, 2012

Canadian Polar Bears on Churchill Wild’s Hudson Bay
We Blog The World, October 10, 2012

Manitoba’s Magical Fireweed Island Across Hudson Bay by Renee Blodgett
We Blog The World, September 20, 2012

Canada: Manitoba’s bear necessities by Mike Unwin
The Independent, September 13, 2011

Blueberries and Belugas in Northern Manitoba: Part 2 by Georgie Jet
Johnny Jet, August 31, 2011

Polar Bear Adventure: Part 1 by Georgie Jet
Johnny Jet, August 24, 2011

Polar Bears and Climate Change (Video)
CNN, March 31, 2011

A Canadian Safari: Churchill, Manitoba Polar Bear Capital of the World by Katie Nanton
NUVO Magazine, Feb 25, 2011

Guests mingle with polar bears at Seal River Heritage Lodge by Glen Petrie
The Dallas  Morning News, January 18, 2011

Face to Face with Polar Bears (Video) by Jessica Ellis
CNN International on Dailymotion, November 26, 2009

Gardeners happily out of their element by Nicky Eaton
National Post, August 8, 2008

Polar Bear Watching in Northern Manitoba, Obeying The Number One Rule by Doreen Pendergrass
Travel With A Challenge

Churchill Wild – The World’s Next Great Safari by Louise Schutte
Today’s Grandparent