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Polar bear stalks raven at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Ruth Elwell-Steck photo.

Polar bear stalks raven at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Ruth Elwell-Steck photo.

Guest Post by Ruth Elwell-Steck

From start to end, incredible doesn’t even begin to describe November 12, 2017 at Seal River Heritage Lodge on our Polar Bear Photo Safari. I have been photographing wildlife and bears specifically for over 10 years and I have never experienced a day like this one.

Amazing light, a pink-coloured sunset with polar bears and a bright blue sky made for some amazing photo opportunities. We saw more Arctic foxes than we could count, ravens with bears, and of course connections. Not just between bears, but also between humans and bears.

When you are just a few feet away from a polar bear cub looking at one another, it is an experience like no other. We also had an Arctic fox pouncing on the ice right in front of us, wolf and blue fox, and heard lots of vocalization from the bears.

Of course, our wonderful guides and the information they provided on the background of the subjects and their history was all part of the total experience and made for such a wonderful day. Below are just a few of the of images, connections, and subjects we had the opportunity to spend time with and capture.

See more of Ruth’s wildlife photos here and on her Web site at

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  • Bernie Crooks says:

    Yes Ruth, we were there with you. It was an epic day. Had never seen light changes and subjects “Hollywooding” as they were. Enjoyed Seal River, their staff, and the great guides. Thanks to all at Seal River!
    Bernie and Lynn,
    Sparks, Nevada

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