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Churchill Wild partners with Royal Canadian Geographical Society to offer new Hudson Bay Odyssey for 2015

By November 28, 2014May 21st, 2021No Comments

Hudson Bay Odyssey Polar Bear

Churchill Wild is proud to announce our newest adventure, the Hudson Bay Odyssey!

An exclusive joint offering of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and Churchill Wild, the Hudson Bay Odyssey will immerse guests in the great eco-systems of Hudson Bay and the immense coastline that the polar bears wander during their summer migration while awaiting the return of the ice.

“The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is dedicated to imparting a broader knowledge and deeper appreciation of Canada,” said Churchill Wild CEO Ray Hildebrand. “This objective strongly resonates with Churchill Wild’s mission to share the natural beauty and grandeur of the Hudson Bay coastline with each guest that we host. The Hudson Bay Odyssey is the result of our collaborative effort to further these goals.”

The Hudson Bay Odyssey offers guests the chance to experience the Lords of the Canadian Arctic – the majestic polar bears – from the doorsteps of two of Churchill Wild’s comfortable remote lodges on the Hudson Bay coast, with three-day stays at both Seal River Lodge and Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge.

Seal River Lodge and Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge have vastly different coastal landscapes and history, but both feature Churchill Wild’s signature hikes with polar bears. Guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy the exhilarating experience of swimming with beluga whales in Hudson Bay during their stay at Seal River Lodge. The polar bears are your hosts as you walk among them for this fabulously intimate exposure to some of the most exotic and pristine wilderness remaining on the planet.

The Seal River Lodge area, 60 km north of Churchill on the Hudson Bay coast, is characterized by stunning tundra landscapes and plays host to healthy populations of polar bears, beluga whales, and many other arctic mammals in addition to the wide variety of birds who nest on the tundra and related shorelines and ponds.

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, located 250 km south of Churchill near the epicenter of the historic fur trade and York Factory, provides a dramatically different view of Hudson Bay, with immense tidal flats and beach ridges, as well as vast areas of wilderness on the northern edge of the boreal forest. This crossroads of biomes supports an astonishing array of Canada’s most iconic creatures including moose, wolves, black bears, and of course, more majestic polar bears.

“Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is our newest lodge,” said Churchill Wild co-owner Mike Reimer. “We acquired the site because of the astounding diversity of wildlife at this particular location, and the surrounding landscape supports flora and fauna that is uniquely different from the more classic Arctic landscape found at Seal River Lodge.

“By offering our guests a stay at both of these lodges, we can provide the ultimate Arctic coastline experience and give them a thorough appreciation of the habitat supporting the healthiest polar bear populations found on the planet.”

Now Booking for 2015: For more information about the Hudson Bay Odyssey please e-mail, Call 1 (204) 878-5090 or Toll Free: 1 (866) UGO-WILD (846-9453).

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