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The cleanest air on the planet lives here. And this big polar bear knows it. Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Photo by Derek Kyostia @polar.nemo on Instagram.

The cleanest air on the planet lives here. Photo by Churchill Wild guide Derek Kyostia at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Click image for more from Derek at @polar.nemo on Instagram.

We want to share your Churchill Wild photos with the world!

Churchill Wild guests, professional photographers, photo leaders and staff post a large number of photos to Instagram, both on their personal accounts and on the @churchillwildsafaris Instagram page. The album below includes a mixture of photos from all the aforementioned groups and from our own account. You can click on any of the photos in the album and they will open a new window to the photographer or author page.

We love to share photos from our polar bear lodges, especially from guests, so if you’ve taken some great shots with us and have posted them to Instagram, using the tags #churchillwild and #churchillwildsafaris could help you gain more exposure on Instagram through this album.

Also make sure to tag the individual lodge or lodges you were visiting, which include #sealriverheritagelodge, #nanukpolarbearlodge and #dymondlakeecolodge. We’ll be creating Instagram feeds for all three lodges, so if you’ve tagged them in your posts they should show up in their respective albums and hopefully help you gain a few more loyal fans!

We’ll swap out the photo at the top of this post on a regular basis and link it to a different guest, photographer, photo leader, guide or staffer. Have to spread the “Loves” and “Likes” around! Of course, we’re also hoping you’ll follow @churchillwildsafaris on Instagram too. 🙂

A huge thanks to all of our guests, professional photographers, photo leaders and staff for sharing your incredible photos with us! Enjoy!

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