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1st Place. Polar Bears. Sheree Jensen.

The 2016 Churchill Wild Guest Photo Contest results are in! Once again we had some fabulous submissions, which made it very difficult to select the winners. We finally decided on the winning photos, which are displayed in the gallery below, followed by a text listing of all the winners. A big thank you to all of our guests for your submissions! We loved your photos almost as much as we enjoyed having you as guests! Click the images to see larger versions. Enjoy!

Churchill Wild 2016 Guest Photo Contest Winners

Winner Name Category Place
Sheree Jensen Polar Bears 1st
Andrew Lasken Polar Bears 2nd
Mike Schnierle Polar Bears 3rd
Angela Palumbo Amateur 1st
Vanessa Draper Amateur 2nd
Jayne Shepherd Amateur 3rd
Martin Rohrbach People 1st
Michael Minshall People 2nd
Duncan Melbin People 3rd
JC Prenner Wildlife – Other 1st
Matt Simpson Wildlife – Other 2nd
Steve Weeber Wildlife – Other 3rd
Ruth Elwell-Steck Landscapes 1st
Terry Webb Landscapes 2nd
Christopher Scully Landscapes 3rd
John Donelson Lodge Int/Ext. 1st
Tiffany Lacey Lodge Int/Ext. 2nd
Rod Kuo Lodge Int/Ext. 3rd

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