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Watching. Arctic fox at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Anthony Lau photo.


by George Williams with photos by Anthony Lau

2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Anthony Lau has parlayed his award-winning photo into another series of contest-winning photos taken at Seal River Heritage Lodge.

Arctic fox in a silent world of ice at Seal River. Anthony Lau photo.

A silent world.

Lau won a Polar Bear Photo Safari for two at Churchill Wild’s Seal River Heritage Lodge as part of his grand prize in the National Geographic photo contest in 2016, and a series of images he took on his trip entitled A Winter’s Encounter with an Arctic fox, won first place at the 2018 Fine Art Photography Awards in the Amateur Photographer Wildlife/Animals category.

The Approach. Arctic fox at Seal River. Anthony Lau photo.

The Approach.

Lau took the contest-winning trip to Seal River with his eldest son Christopher from November 10-17, 2017, but only recently learned about his latest photo contest win. “I found about it when I was submitting new entries for the award,” said Lau. “It was a pleasant surprise!”

“I captured these images on November 12, 2017 during our daily field trip,” said Lau. “While the group was focused on a polar bear nearby, I noticed a particularly curious Arctic Fox coming closer and closer to us. This series of photos captured a very personal moment when my lens fixated on this cute individual cautiously approaching our location. He was playing hide and seek with my lens, and eventually just came over and sat several metres in front of me.”

Intimate moment with an Arctic fox at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Anthony Lau photo.

Intimate moment.

What could be better than parlaying one winner into another?

The joy of being out in the Arctic wilderness, face-to-face with one of Nature’s most beautiful creatures. Alone, together, capturing a moment, that will last a lifetime.

Arctic fox scurries away at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Anthony Lau photo.

The Scurry.

“Please pass on my gratitude to all the wonderful polar bear guides!” said Lau.

We certainly will Anthony. Congratulations!

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