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Guide Jody Steeves slips through the calm waters of Hudson Bay in a kayak on Churchill Wild's Journey to the Floe Edge safari

Our team of staff at Seal River Heritage Lodge is hard at work researching and developing our brand-new floe edge safari, and the visuals are out of this world.

What is the floe edge?

This is where land-fast ice meets open water, in this case, the open water of Hudson Bay which is part of the Arctic Ocean. Floating packs of ice (floes) of varying sizes bob up and down in the frigid waters and create stunning backdrops.

What can you see at the floe edge?

So far, our team has seen bearded seals, eider ducks, wolf tracks, and fresh polar bear prints. And as exciting as it is to spot wildlife, the star of this safari might just be the LIGHT.

The sunrises and sunsets are surreal, the northern lights have been dazzling, and the blue hour light is an absolute showstopper. The Swedish even have a word for it: Kaamos. This word describes the way snow magically reflects blue light, creating hues of Arctic blue, pink, and purple.

A dream come true for adventurers!

This trip is high in active adventure and picturesque experiences. Days have been full of kayaking in the open waters of the Bay, ice biking, dogsledding, and coastal exploration. The team even enjoyed cocktails and appetizers out on the ice.

Check out the gallery below and watch our social channels for more on this developing adventure!

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