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Romantic wolves share a kiss at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Jad Davenport photo.

A Valentine’s kiss in the Arctic dusk. Jad Davenport photo.

by Jad Davenport

We had been out searching for polar bears all day and were about three minutes from the roaring fire and happy hour at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge when we spotted this pair of wolves asleep at the edge of the sea ice.

They were just silhouetted lumps, but we had the potential for great light if they did eventually get up. So we parked the snow machines and komatiqs (Inuit sleds) down wind. Then we lay on our bellies in the snow and watched them sleep.

We were just about to leave when the male suddenly stood up, stretched and walked over to his mate. She tipped her head back and gave him a quick kiss. They wagged tails and trotted off into the night.

Wolves are pure magic.

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