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Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge
November 22, 2023

From Paris to Polar Bears

Powerful polar bear. (Mathieu Courdesses) by Mathieu Courdesses There are trips that turn into films -- my polar bear photo safari with Churchill Wild at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge could have been written as a screenplay. My name is Mathieu Courdesses, I am a wildlife photographer and wildlife documentary director.…
Nanuk Polar Bear LodgeDymond Lake EcolodgeGreat Ice Bear AdventurePolar Bear Photo SafariPolar Bear Photography
May 31, 2019

From storm chasing to polar bears, Postma returns for 6th year at Churchill Wild

Polar bear emerges from the snow at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Robert Postma photo. Award-winning photographer Robert Postma loves storms, so much so that he went chasing them this spring in the American Midwest, but he always looks forward to returning to Churchill Wild for the polar bears. Postma will…
Seal River Heritage LodgePolar Bear Photo SafariPhoto ContestsWildlife Photography
February 22, 2019

Anthony Lau Arctic fox photos taken at Seal River Heritage Lodge win Fine Art Photography Award

Watching. by George Williams with photos by Anthony Lau 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Anthony Lau has parlayed his award-winning photo into another series of contest-winning photos taken at Seal River Heritage Lodge. A silent world. Lau won a Polar Bear Photo Safari for two at Churchill Wild's Seal…

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