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Mother and daughter trip. Seal River Heritage Lodge.
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May 29, 2020

Mother-daughter trip to Seal River like “Winning the Lottery”

Missy and Kailee Mandel at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Jolie Busch photo. by George Williams Sometimes you just get lucky. Missy Mandel hasn’t been to Seal River Heritage Lodge in eight years, but she remembers the trip with her daughter Kailee like it was yesterday. We managed to get the…
From The LodgeNews
October 30, 2012

Great start to 2012 Polar Bear Photo Safari

This message came in today from Mike Reimer at Seal River Heritage Lodge, where our Polar Bear Photo Safari is in full swing! This week guests from the US, Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK and Russia are finishing up as a group, and guests from France, Hawaii, Thailand and Taiwan are about…

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