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National Geographic Unique Lodges of the WorldSeal River Heritage LodgeNanuk Polar Bear LodgePolar Bear ToursProfessional Wildlife PhotographersPolar Bear PhotographyWildlife Photography
September 30, 2019

Cold weather wildlife and polar bear photography. What to wear.

Gloves. Mask. Camera. Charles "Chas" Glatzer ready for action at Seal River Heritage Lodge. by George Williams Canon Explorer of Light Charles "Chas" Glatzer and his Shoot the Light clients will be joining us for the 11th time this November for the Polar Bear Photo Safari at Seal River Heritage…
National Geographic Unique Lodges of the WorldNanuk Polar Bear LodgeWildlife PhotographyThe Story Behind the PhotoMoose
September 24, 2019

Bull moose power through powder at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. The Story Behind the Photo.

Without warning, five of the seven bull moose took off, and the powder was flying! Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Charles Glatzer photo. Story and photo by Canon EOL Charles "Chas" Glatzer, It was November and we had come to Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge on the southern shores of Hudson…

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