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Sleepy polar bear, red fox and aurora borealis highlight “just” another day at Nanuk

by Mark Scriver, Churchill Wild Polar Bear Guide

Just another day at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge.

Our day started out watching a sleepy male polar bear resting on a fossil sand ridge. As we walked away from him another curious bear approached us. We then enjoyed a delicious lunch along the Hudson Bay shoreline. This after all, is the Hudson Bay Odyssey!

Several more bears and a red fox were waiting to greet us as we returned to the lodge, and after a relaxing meal and a pleasant evening reviewing photos from the trip, we were treated to a spectacular display of northern lights!

LATE UPDATE: A few spots have just opened up on the Hudson Bay Odyssey at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge from September 12-18. For more information please email [email protected] or call 1.866.UGO.WILD (846.9453).

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