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Polar bears, caribou, highlight season start at Seal River Heritage Lodge!

"Wait a minute, there's something over there." ~ Polar bear friends at Seal River Heritage Lodge.
“Wait a minute, there’s something over there.” ~ Polar bear friends at Seal River Heritage Lodge.

Update and photos by Quent Plett 

Birds, Bears and Belugas is off to a fabulous start at Seal River for our 25th Anniversary season, with some great wildlife encounters!

We’ve had a number of polar bears come ambling by the lodge and they’ve provided us with some excellent photo opportunities. A few caribou have been spotted too. See the cutie in the picture below! The constant belugas have been very cooperative as well, with their curious nature and smiling appearance.

Baby caribou at Seal River!
Baby caribou at Seal River!

Mixed in have been sightings of Arctic hare, Arctic fox, sik siks and countless birds including Northern Harrier, Hudsonian Godwit, Sandhill Crane, ptarmigan and eagles, just to name just a few!

It is, after all, Birds, Bears and Belugas 🙂

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