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Polar bears being seen in record numbers at Seal River Lodge north of Churchill

Polar bears meeting near Seal River Lodge north of Churchill Manitoba on Hudson Bay
Polar bears gather for family meeting near Seal River Lodge

Polar bears are being seen in record numbers at  Seal River Lodge, our polar bear ecolodge on Hudson Bay.

On a one hour aerial tour we spotted over 100 polar bears within 25 kilometres of the lodge! In our 30 years of working and living on the Hudson Bay Coast we have never seen polar bear numbers like this.

And what’s more, the bears are in exceptional condition, all in waddling fat mode with beautiful glossy coats! Our best aerial tour saw 12 family groups of polar bears.

Beluga whales are also out in great numbers which has made our whale swims a great success. Whales are everywhere, nudging the boat, nibbling on dry suits, and giving free belly rubs!

Guest Lori was adopted by a pod of 15 beluga whales that followed her all the way back to the boat, watched her get out of the water, and then wouldn’t leave!

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