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Polar bear cubs playing at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Fabienne Jansen /Arctic Wild photo.

Play bites. Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Fabienne Jansen photo.

by George Williams

Christoph and Fabienne Jansen of have been on over 15 different departures with Churchill Wild and have captured thousands of fabulous images, but their latest photo set of polar bear cubs from Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge may be their best ever!

The Swiss couple are currently on their second departure of the Nanuk Emergence Quest and they were also there for the first, which began on February 19. It’s a ruggedly cold safari and not for the faint of heart, but they’re true Arctic adventurers and they love it.

Christoph and Fabienne are mildly competitive on the photo front, but it’s impossible to tell which one of them takes better photos. We’ll have to call it a forever tie.

The couple photographed polar bear cubs and wolves on their first departure of the Nanuk Emergence Quest and found wolves and another polar bear family yesterday. They’re back at it again today with the other guests, tracking polar bears, wolves and whatever else the magic of Nanuk may bring. We’re looking forward to what they find!

Future King. Polar bear cub at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge on the Den Emergence Quest. Christoph Jansen photo.

Future King. Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Christoph Jansen photo.

Christoph describes the events that led up to their spectacular photo shoot yesterday.

“We just enjoyed another perfect day. Our morning started with the wolves around the lodge. Being surrounded by a pack of more than 10 wolves howling was one of the most touching and unique experiences ever, but things only got better!

“Ben (Lawrence) and Emma (Klippenstein) found a bear family between the inland trail often called ‘Nanuk Highway 1’ and the Mistikokan River. Only four km apart, the landscape between the highway and the river contains some of the thickest forest imaginable. Therefore, getting us all close to the bears was quite a challenge, but it was well worth it.

“We spent the entire afternoon close to a mom with her two cubs. While mom was sleeping, the two cubs — one of them in particular — were very active. We can still hardly believe our luck and are very grateful for having had this wonderful encounter. We appreciate the hard work that especially the scouts are doing every day to find bear tracks.”

Likewise Christoph and Fabienne! Thank you for all that you do!


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