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Yes, Churchill is still open for business.

Yes, Churchill is still open for business.

The town of Churchill is open, accessible and welcoming tourists from around the world this summer. Despite the recent closure of the rail line between Gillam and Churchill, there are still several ways that visitors can continue with their travel plans.


Visitors can travel by VIA Rail to Thompson, Manitoba. Overnight in Thompson and explore Spirit Way, the 2.5 km trail that highlights the city’s top attractions, including the 10-storey mural of a wolf and wolf statues that you can search out using GPS. The next day, fly via Calm Air to Churchill.


Direct flights to Churchill from Winnipeg via Calm Air will allow time for you to explore the sights and sounds of Winnipeg, Manitoba’s capital city, at either end of your northern adventure. Explore the thriving arts and culture scene, eclectic cuisine, and architectural wonders of the city, or take in one of its many festivals: there’s bound to be one happening at any time of year.

Visitors need not worry about accommodations or dining when they arrive in Churchill. Calm Air has added additional freight flights to make sure that local businesses are stocked with food and supplies.


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