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Northern lights draped over full moon on Hudson Bay. The Story Behind the Photo.

Northern lights draped over full moon at Seal River Heritage Lodge on Hudson Bay. James Heupel photo.
Northern lights draped over full moon. Polar Bear Photo Safari. Seal River Heritage Lodge. James Heupel photo.

Photo and story by James Heupel

This photo was taken on November 12, 2014, from the Seal River Heritage Lodge compound, at 10:47 p.m. in the evening. We got the alert that the northern lights were out about 10:30 p.m. Very early in the night! The full moon was out, rising above the horizon over Hudson Bay. The northern lights began to gather around but were not covering the full moon. At first the curtain of green was only of moderate width, but it began to expand greatly, covering the rising moon, as well as making a very wide, long swath, extending directly over us.

This photograph garnered the Judges’ Choice Award for Landscapes in the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) Showcase Competition, and was also chosen for the cover of Expressions, the journal of that competition. The photograph is registered with the USA Copyright Office.

James Heupel is an international wildlife and nature photographer and a partner in Gallery 195 of Boerne (Texas). To see more of James’ work please visit his website at jheupelphotography.com. This photo also appears in our recently published Churchill Wild 25th Anniversary Book, which features a number of images from our polar bear lodges that include “The Story Behind the Photo” as provided by the photographer.

Copies of Churchill Wild — 25 Years of Adventure on the Hudson Bay Coast are now available online and in-store at McNally Robinson Booksellers and at our head office. There are also a limited number of copies available at our polar bear lodges from July through November, during our polar bear walking safaris. For more information please call 1.866.UGO.WILD (846.9453) or email [email protected].

Churchill Wild 25th Anniversary Book. Now available in-store and online at at McNally Robinson Booksellers.
Churchill Wild 25th Anniversary Book. Now available in-store and online at at McNally Robinson Booksellers.

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