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Northern lights at North Knife Lake Lodge, the adventure begins

By March 20, 2015May 21st, 2021No Comments
Northern Lights at North Knife Lake Lodge

Northern lights from the East at North Knife Lake Lodge

The lake is frozen and the air is thick with frost. North Knife Lake Lodge will be host to a number of guests seeking an adventure in Canada’s north this week despite temperatures near -20 Celsius. Clear sky clear preparations have already begun in anticipation of the northern lights show!

Northern Lights at North Knife Lake Lodge

Northern lights from the West at North Knife Lake Lodge

A new generator to supply power and run all the extra heaters will be installed, but that’s kind of boring compared to the excitement that will be offered to the guests.

We flew in 24 dogs that had just finished the Hudson Bay Quest and they are now on duty to offer dog sled rides. The tents have been erected to offer a glimpse into the lake and hopefully catch some of Webber’s Lodges’ fine lake trout and northern pike. The wood-fired hot tub is being readied to warm the chill out of the bones and the Arctic gourmet chefs will be in charge of warming the souls.

Our guests will also have the ability to curl on the frozen lake, toboggan down the hills around the Lodge, stay up all night watching the Aurora Borealis and visit an outpost camp to get a feel for what it’s really like to live off the land.

So how do you get power to a remote fishing lodge in the dead of winter?

Generator arrives at North Knife Lake Lodge

Generator arrives at North Knife Lake Lodge

Hauling big things in little planes seems to be right up our alley these days at Churchill Wild. Here is the new generator flown into North Knife Lake in the Otter yesterday. It had to be taken apart and loaded in pieces to get to the Lodge and then after a short ride behind the snowmobile it was reassembled and connected to the grid to offer power and heat. Because at this time of year…

We like heat.

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