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Guest captures elusive Wolverine on film during Great Ice Bear Adventure at Dymond Lake Lodge

By November 2, 2012May 21st, 2021One Comment

Dymond Lake Lodge has been a hot spot for wolverines over the past few years but these solitary predators are often difficult to spot during the day. Amazingly we’ve had regular sightings of two wolverines this year.  Kim Spragg, one of our guests at Dymond Lake Lodge this year for the Great Ice Bear Adventure, was lucky enough to get some video of one of these elusive creatures this week. Thanks Kim!

[youtube width=”480″ height=”360″][/youtube]

Armed with sharp claws and crushing jaws, wolverines are the largest land-dwelling species of Mustelidae, better known as Weasels. Well known for their ferocity, wolverines have been documented not only killing prey many times their size, but also fending off much larger rival predators including polar bears! Learn more about Wolverines.

Keep your distance!

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  • Bruce Faanes says:

    Great clip of a mythical creature! I missed my “Life Magazine” shot of a Wolverine on Eagle Lk., Ont., 6 years ago while Musky fishing. Whistled and he stopped, sat and looked at us. Quicker than I could grab my camera with a big lens off the boat seat, he went up into the bush. Very fortunate to get this footage!

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