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Churchill Wild 2018 Guest Photo Contest Winners

1st Place - Polar Bears - Teresa McDaniel - Great Ice Bear Adventure
1st Place – Polar Bears – Teresa McDaniel – Great Ice Bear Adventure

by Vanessa Desorcy

Wow, what another amazing year for our photo contest!

Just when we think we’ve seen everything you go and submit all kinds of photos that take our breath away. From polar bears, to northern lights, to the stunning icescapes and seascapes that greet us every day, the submissions we received were all beautiful, and reminded us how fortunate we are to do what we do. Our world is an amazing place and you’ve managed to capture that with your art.

All the winning photos can be viewed in the gallery below, along with a few honourable mentions too good not to showcase. Congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to all of our guests who took the time to submit entries!

Click the images to see larger versions. Enjoy!

The Great Ice Bear Adventure

Photo Gallery Enquire Video Gallery


  1. What a beautiful picture and well deserving of the award. When I first saw the picture my facial expression went to a huge smile. It almost looks like the polar bear was praying or that he thought he had done something wrong and was trying to make light of the situation by adding humor. I absolutely love this picture and it will remain one of my favorites for years to come. Big thanks to the photographer who captured this picture!!

    1. Thank you so much Iris! We agree, this photo certainly does have some personality to it!
      And Teresa McDaniel, the photographer, will love your comment 🙂 Thanks again!

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