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1st Place Polar Bears – Scott Dere

The 2017 Churchill Wild Guest Photo Contest results are in! It was another fabulous contest, full of beautiful submissions. There were so many great entries to choose from that along with the winning photographs, we’ve included a series of Honourable Mentions in the gallery below. A big thank you to all of our guests for your submissions! We loved your photos almost as much as we enjoyed having you as guests! Click the images to see larger versions. Enjoy!

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  • What a great gallery of winning images from guests’ experiences at the lodges. I know how hard it is to catch those moments, and how much work and patience, skill and luck goes into them. I was excited to see so many images from guests I’ve had the good fortune to meet and shoot alongside, and others who I’ve found through social media channels – Michael Rawicki (world-class photographer AND polar explorer who’s shot all over arctic), Ann Fulcher and Christie Allen (two of the hardest-working wildlife photographers I’ve met – they earn every shot and taught me a lot), Kathy Richardson (someone pointed me to her wonderful Instagram account), and the tough-as-nails Anja Kolb-Kokocinski who together with her sidekick and partner Felix put in hardcore WEEKS of travel in the heart of the winter for some terrific shots (along the way surviving a terrible blizzard and catching a glimpse of the elusive wolverine). Now I have a whole bunch of new photographers to track down on social media! Beautiful work and congratulations to all the contestants whether your images won or not.

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