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Northern Lights Churchill Wild

1st Place. Landscapes. Raja Banerjee. Great Ice Bear Adventure.

The results are in! And once again we had some outstanding submissions to our annual Churchill Wild Guest Photo Contest, which made it tough to select the winners. We finally came up with the winning photos, which are displayed in the gallery below, followed by a text listing of all the winners.

A big thank you to all of our guests for your submissions! You’re even more fabulous than your photos!

Churchill Wild 2015 Guest Photo Contest Winners

Winner Name Category Place
Ricke Beldegreen Polar Bears 1st
Robert Keen Polar Bears 2nd
Melissa Chapman Polar Bears 3rd
Mary Ann Hatton Amateur 1st
Kapila Hari Amateur 2nd
Kelly Hoffer Amateur 3rd
Beatrice Jorns People 1st
Christine Hayden People 2nd
Joanne Weeks People 3rd
Fabrizio Moglia Wildlife – Other 1st
Laurence Lee Wildlife – Other 2nd
Kim Petersen Wildlife – Other 3rd
Raja Banerjee Landscapes 1st
Ryohei Orihara Landscapes 2nd
Paul Perrett Landscapes 3rd
Chiara Cecchinato Lodge Int/Ext. 1st
Ivan Kellenberger Lodge Int/Ext. 2nd
Robin Jaques Lodge Int/Ext. 3rd
Christine Hayden Lodge Int/Ext. Honourable Mention
Robyn Jaques Landscapes Honourable Mention
Fabrizio Moglia Polar Bears Honourable Mention

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