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Big fish, delicious meals, zero stress, at North Knife Lake Lodge, say Piette and Bourque

By December 17, 2012May 21st, 2021No Comments
Germain Bourque (right) with Lake Trout at North Knife Lake Lodge

Germain Bourque (right) with trophy Lake Trout at North Knife Lake Lodge

You know you’ve had a good fishing trip when you come home a few pounds heavier as a result of all the delicious meals you’ve had!

“We had such delicious meals and shore lunches,” said North Knife Lake Lodge guest Martin Piette after his trip. “I must have gained five pounds that week!”

Such is often the case when returning from a fishing trip at our North Knife Lake Lodge. Guests rave about the variety and tastiness of the meals our chefs prepare. Of course, the meals are just one of the great features in our all-inclusive packages. The fishing is second to none at North Knife. We had a whopping 65 Master Angler Lake Trout and Northern Pike come out of our lake this summer.

Martin and Germain Bourque (pictured) had a fabulous time. “We had an amazing trip at Webber’s Lodges,” said Martin. “We felt more than welcome. The people were absolutely charming.”

Martin went on to say that stress was nowhere to be found during his time at the Lodge, which is definitely how it should be when you’re on vacation!

Big fish, delicious meals, zero stress—that’s the North Knife Lake Lodge fishing experience in a nutshell.

Martin Piette (left) with trophy LakeTrout at North Knife Lake Lodge

Martin Piette (left) with trophy Lake Trout at North Knife Lake Lodge

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