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Best Arctic Safari ever!

By September 18, 2014May 21st, 2021No Comments
Master of his domain.

Master of his domain.

Photos and story by Terry Elliot, Churchill Wild Polar Bear Guide

Today was the final day of our Arctic Safari and I believe that this was the most successful one we’ve had! Everything just fell into place this year, from the weather to the wildlife and the guests.

Pretty in... you pick the colour!

Pretty in… you pick the colour!

I don’t know if I can list all of the wildlife we saw but here we go: wolves, Arctic and red fox, Arctic hares, Gyr and Peregrine falcons, tundra swans, short-eared owl, ptarmigan, least weasel, beluga whales, bald eagles, flocks of sandhill cranes, snow geese, Canada geese, uncountable shore birds and ducks, hundreds of caribou and of course, polar bears!

Caribou cuddles forthcoming.

Caribou cuddles forthcoming.

The fall colours at our caribou camp were at their peak and we’re now seeing the same vibrant palette at Seal River. The Arctic Safari really is my favourite trip and I can hardly wait for next year.

Vibrant fall colours on the tundra.

Vibrant fall colours on the tundra.

We had such great people to share it with… and sparring bears to end it all!

Shy bunny :)

Shy bunny 🙂


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