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Award-winning Nat Geo photographer Jad Davenport to lead photography workshop at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

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Polar bears sparring on Hudson Bay coast. Jad Davenport photo.

Polar bears sparring on Hudson Bay coast. Photo courtesy of Jad Davenport.

Churchill Wild is proud to announce that award-winning National Geographic photographer, author and filmmaker Jad Davenport will lead an exclusive in-field photography workshop on the Mothers’s & Cubs Adventure at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge from September 21-27, 2015. Jad led the first Polar Bear Photo Safari of the season last year at Seal River Lodge and we’re ecstatic to have him back in the Churchill Wild fold again this year as a professional photo leader!

For more information on this exclusive Arctic Photography Workshop call Toll Free: 1.866.UGO.WILD (1.866.846.9453) or email

Jad Davenport

Jad Davenport

Jad began his 30-year career in photojournalism as a documentary photographer, developing his talent for visual storytelling while covering more than a dozen wars. He is now a full-time travel photographer and writer on open assignment with National Geographic Creative, but his knack for capturing the essence of an experience has defined his career.

Having won four Lowell Thomas Awards, the most respected awards in the field, Jad’s stories have appeared in many of the world’s elite publications including Newsweek, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Men’s Journal, Audubon, Sierra, Coastal Living and many more. He provided the first digital cover and inside story for National Geographic Adventure Magazine, and he is adept at using many of the digital tools now available for the modern traveler who is not always able to carry the latest and greatest photographic lenses and equipment.

This on-the-ground workshop will teach you how to visually capture your Arctic adventure. And whether you’re making pictures with an iPhone or the latest Canon DSLR, you’ll be learning from a master storyteller photojournalist who will show you how to tell the story of your once-in-a-lifetime journey in a vivid and captivating way that few travelers ever achieve.

The four-day workshop will consist of real-time tips and hands-on instruction during your daily excursions in the Arctic environment and coastline surrounding Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. The area surrounding the Lodge is a target rich environment, perfect for taking full advantage of the very best diversity in sub-arctic wildlife. Each evening Jad will review your images with you and celebrate those exceptional moments among them, helping you to craft your unique story. The best pictures from your trip will be compiled on a memory stick for you to bring home and share.

Whether you’re working with an iPhone, a point-and-shoot camera or professional camera bodies and telephoto lenses with all the bells and whistles, Jad can show you how to capture your journey into the Arctic like never before. His focus on the subject, the mood and the composition of an experience, make the art of photojournalism accessible to all, regardless of your present level of photographic sophistication. Jad is also well-versed in the story telling techniques required to produce captivating 2-3 minute video shorts, whether on your smart phone or with the latest technology in motion pictures.

What polar bears do on their days off. Photo courtesy of Jad Davenport.

What polar bears do on their days off. Photo courtesy of Jad Davenport.

Jad has worked in over 160 countries in some of the wildest places on Earth; from photographing mountain gorillas in the Congo war zone to the black pearl farms in Tahiti to the polar bears of Churchill Wild! He specializes in the art of capturing images that take you back to the time and place of your photos and elicit emotions which make an experience profound.

Jad’s insider tips and techniques will ensure you no longer revisit your travel photographs with that tinge of disappointment that sometimes comes with failing to capture the essence of the surreal moments you experience, and the storytelling and photographic skills you acquire in this workshop will provide you with enduring value as you continue to explore the most distant corners of the earth, or your own hometown!

To view more of Jad’s work please visit his Web site at

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