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Arctic Freeze: Minus 55 in Churchill Manitoba

By January 17, 2012May 21st, 2021No Comments

Today on the drive into work the weather guy on CBC was raving about the low, low temperature we are about to endure.

Environment Canada is forecasting -37° C. Add to that the blowing wind (wind chill factor) and it is the equivalent of MINUS 55!


Gonna be a chilly one... click to enlarge

We always say ‘Churchill Wild: Touch the Arctic!” – today you may want to make sure you have heavy gear on before touching anything in the Arctic.

Thankfully (for our guests) it does not get this cold during polar bear season. We run our adventures starting in July with Birds, Bears & Belugas and end off with the Great Ice Bear in November.

July’s average temperature is about 12° C while November averages about -12° C.

This should help you with building a mental image...

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