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It might be a little early to talk about pumpkin spice and everything nice, but if you’re a big fan of autumn colours and cozy vibes, you are probably looking for the Hudson Bay Odyssey safari. This trip encompasses the warmth of summer with the beauty of fall.  

Churchill Wild_photo by Jad Davenport

Photo by Jad Davenport

The Hudson Bay Odyssey is a great time to enjoy the sights of Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge without the winter temperatures. Odyssey means a long and adventurous journey. While four nights at the lodge isn’t necessarily a long time, it is an eventful and adventurous journey with daily hikes throughout the Cape Tatnam Wildlife Management area 

Starting mid-August through to the end of September, the first few departures will see more blooming flowers and summer temperatures, and by the end of September, the landscape will be splashed with amber, honey, and crimson leaves.  

Moose_Courtesy of Churchill Wild, photo by Jad Davenport

Photo by Jad Davenport

This is a favourite time for many guests and Churchill Wild staff. The land seems to light a fire with colour from the sky to the ground. It is striking to watch a moose push his 1,000 lb. body through thick willows or a polar bear lounge in the grasses framed by the warm colours. It’s the time of year when you are still feeling the joy of the summer sun while sinking into the quiet transition to winter.  

Standing bear HBO_photo by Susan Jenkins

Photo by Susan Jenkins

Breathing in the crisp scent of seasons changing while watching the Hudson Bay ebb and flow against the shoreline, whether morning or evening, coffee or wine in hand, is just one of the sweetest parts of the odyssey. But, of course, the delicious family-style meals with panoramic views are great too. Of course, there is the wildlife aspect as well. It’s what you are planning your visit with Churchill Wild. Polar bears are often seen wandering down the runway out front of the lodge or lounging out in the tidal flats of Hudson Bay.  

This time of year is a prime place for bird watchers as they all start to consider heading south again. Birds such as the Hudsonian Godwit, Eider Duck, Ross’s Gull, Gyrfalcon and more make up just a part of over 250 bird species sighted in the region stretching from Churchill to Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge.  

Churchill Wild_photo by Robert Postma

Photo by Robert Postma

Whether you come for the animals and stay for comfort or come for the food and stay for the wildlife, you’ll find your happy place on the Hudson Bay Odyssey safari. 

Churchill Wild_photo by Jad Davenport

Photo by Jad Davenport

Hudson Bay Odyssey Fun Facts 

  • Polar bears are considered marine mammals because of their time on the ice.  
  • Fall is an excellent time for black bears, wolves, and moose sightings. 
  • Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge sits in the path of significant bird migration flyways. 

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